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My guide to not getting caught smoking by parents.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamf64, May 3, 2011.

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    Its not necessarily your parents, but here's the scenario:

    Your sitting at home, and your brother(or parent or whoever you don't want to know your smoking) says "im going to the store/gym/errands. Ill be back in a little while!" and you want to smoke a few bowls outside, yet your not sure whether they will be back in 10 or 60 minutes...

    The question is, what precautions/steps do you have to take to make sure your parent doesn't notice you are high/smells weed when they get back, and what is the shortest amount of time you can pull it off in?

    What i do(this all gets done in a matter of 5-8 minutes if im actually trying to rush):
    1. Smoke outside, blowing smoke up so it doesnt get on me.(making sure not to get smoke all over you or anything so if possible use pipe/bong ect. not a joint or a blunt)
    2. Make sure there is no more smoke in bong/pipe whatever i'm smoking that could escape into the house
    3. go inside and put away bong/pipe and all smoking materials
    4. put in clear eyes
    5. go in bathroom and wash face and hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
    6. rinse for 30 seconds with Listerine mouthwash(or brush teeth either works)
    7. rinse out mouth with water and swish around to take away the obvious Listerine or toothbrush smell
    8. go eat something and drink a water bottle or 2 just to kind of flush all the smell down i guess is the idea lol?


    the only problem is that i usually have about 45 minutes to do all of this and i never really have anyone to tell me after im done with all the steps if i actually smell like bud. This is just what seems like all you would possibly need to do. It works for me and i hope it helps you too!

    Edit: If you are for some reason unable to smoke outside, then i am not sure this will work for you. Almost every time i smoke blowing out my window my room always smells for an hour or so after until it is completely gone.
  2. Its good for people that dont have a lotta time and arent sure how to get it done with out being obvious, if you cant go outside, say no spot, or its super cold or stormy or something, if you sit right at your window and blow everything out and hold your piece next to the window in between hits that usually works, just be sure nobody is home.
  3. See, I have four dogs that bark at the drop of a pin. I can't go outside. And smoking in my room is just as risky because my mom's room is right next to mine. Sucks.

    Good thing I'm cat/house sitting right now. Have my own apartment for a month. Blaze when I want, where I want. :D

    I'm screwed in a month though. :/
  4. good ideas but put the eye drops in right when you are done since they take a few minutes to kick in and if they come in and you did them at the end you have to pull off why your crying lol.
  5. Dont forget the damp
    towel under the door if you're smoking indoors.
  6. I don't really see why someone wouldn't be able to smoke outdoors, but maybe im just retarded.
  7. Towel under a door wouldnt do anything, considering smoke rises.
  8. Nice guide! I literally do the exact same routine when I smoke inside at nite, I have also wondered if i still smells after i brush teeth nd mouthwash. The only difference is i put the clear eyes in b4 i even smoke, its easier incase i forget lol:smoke:
  9. Hahaha my best friend does the EXACT same thing because he always forgets
  10. i just roll a joint and go for a walk. buy some nice shit at the shop. most parents don't even know what weed smells like.

  11. Yes this works as well because walking around really airs out yourself. Bring along some gum and clear eyes and your set.

    Although a joint is a bit risky. id prefer a small pipe.
  12. Yea small pipes are great, anything that fits in the pocket works.
  13. the majority of parents were in high school and or college at some point in time, they know what pot smells like.
  14. I don't know of any of my family members, or any of my friend's family members that don't know what it smells like. It's quite a distinct smell, and they were all kids once too..
  15. Yeah but to not let the smoke stick have a smoking sweater, just put it on or take it off once your done...or just change into PJ or whatever you use but yeah

    And if you smoking in the bathroom just take a shit it'll cover tha smell GOOD
  16. Has anyone tried the Smoke Buddy?
  17. As someone who has been smoking in his room basically every night for over a year now without ever being caught id like to add a few pointers for smoking in ur room without creating a smell:

    -First of all, put eye drops in BEFORE you smoke. Trust me it works. Your eyes will stay white even after smoking.

    -Make sure you have a fan that you can face out the window.

    -Make yourself a sploof (get a toilet paper roll tube and tape a few fabric softener sheets over one end then shove one or two of them into the inside). This will make the smoke way less pungent,however not completely odorless if made and used properly.

    -Be sure to have a large folder or something with a large flat surface area on hand (ill explain why later)

    -If either side of your door is not carpeted you will also want a towel or blanket to put under your door

    Now i would suggest using either a bong or a quality bubbler as they contain smoke the best and the most important thing is to make sure that no bowl smoke leaves the piece. Another important thing is to make sure you only pack as much as you know you can smoke in one hit. (aka, make sure you can snap/clear the bowl completely)

    After you pack your bowl make sure to hide all other paraphernalia including your sack because you may forget to do so once your high (i know i have =P). Leaving an paraphernalia on the counter would obviously blow your cover if ur parents decide to wander in for whatever reason. Now place the fan so its blowing air out your window as close to the screen as you can. If its night time and you have neighbors around that can see your window i suggest turning the light off in ur room and using a tv screen or computer screen as your light source. You wouldn't want a neighbor to see you hitting a giant bong right in the window. Now turn the fan on full power and take ur hit near the back of the fan so that any excess smoke is blown out the window by the fan. Put ur piece down and grab your sploof, make sure you blow through the sploof out the window so that the fan will stop the smoke from just blowing back into ur window. Exhale twice deeply through the sploof so that you are sure no smoke is left in ur mouth or lungs. Quickly put away ur sploof, lighter, and piece and then grab a large folder or piece of cardboard and stand near ur door and fan the air towards the fan and the window. This will stir up the air in room and make sure any lingering smell is quickly dispersed or blown out the window. if you follow these steps correctly your room will be 100% smoke and scent free =)

    on a few separate occasions my dad has walked into my room literally under 5 minutes from the time i smoked and he didn't notice a thing. Good Luck
  18. Easier Version:

    Move out.
  19. You need to get up on the empty toilet paper roll + dry sheet method.

    Stuff the dry sheet or even 2 inside of the paper towel or toilet paper roll, and make sure when you hit your piece, to inhale all of the smoke. Make sure to take a small enough hit to not choke really bad, and exhale it all through the filter. Fresh laundry smell will come out, and it really improves the quickness on how fast the smell goes away.

    Other than that you are spot on, you would be surprised as to how long the smell will linger.
  20. tl;dr

    too highhh

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