My Growroom (advice?)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gBong, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. i have this space that would be perfect to grow, its in my wall.

    The way my house is designed, i have about 6 feet or so and its like 3 feet wide and like 5 feet long

    Anyways, its well hidden all i do is put a big poster over the hole i cut to get in there, and when i wanna go in i lift up the poster, the only problems arising are well, its kinda not clean (bein as how i grew shrooms i am paranoid about sterilization), but its a nice size. Also will it get too hot in there, do i need a fan, if so how should i use it, i have a nice fan for it, a regular rotating one. Ventilation, there is another hole on the other side of the wall as well

    | *-plant
    entrance > |
    hole for ventilation

    any advice?
  2. HIGH All, one thing cleaning the room is a must..take everything out and do a major cleanup.

    Yes the fan you have would be good to circulate the air in the room.
    Yes you need a fan to suck the good air in and a fan to suck the bad air out. Doing this will help keep the room cooler.

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