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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ash23, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. What I'm working on right now is an indoor greenhouse effect. Quite interesting if you ask me. I have it drawn out for now but I haven't built it yet. I'm taking my closet 4'x4' and wrapping the whole room in plastic with a PVC frame. I am deciding on whether or not to create a misting system from the PVC or not. Inside the "tent" I'm going to wrap the bottom 1/2 in Aluminum foil, as smooth as possible and just keeping the mylar look of the plastic for the top half. Inside I'm going to put 2-3 lamps with 2-bulb inserts of 34w Cool White bulbs 24" long or maybe the 36". This SHOULD create the greenhouse effect I want. To cycle the air I'm going to use one of those window fans that have 2 fans side by side... turn it upright and put one on intake (bottom) and one on outtake (top) to cycle the air. As for the plants themself, I'm using the system I have used on friend plants through a constant drip system 50dps through each plant of ferts and ph stabilizers.

    Here's a quick design of what it should look like... the lamps can be switch to 3 or 4 later on.

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  2. greenhouse effect? sounds more like a rain forest to me, not the ideal enviroment for mj.

    from a safty point of view having electric, tinfoil and lots of mist around sounds like a bad idea.

    whats the thinking behind this idea and what do you hope it will do?
  3. Thug, after thinking about it I decided against the misting system because of the electrical setup. However, my room IS still greenhouse efficient and in a greenhouse you can get hella nice yield if done right. I'm a pretty good green thumb at things so I will have no problems at all. (Room is halfway built, YAY)

  4. 1 problem..... bud mold.... your gonna have to keep a relitivly strong fan blowing a good breeze past the entire canopy at all times, even with the lights off.... the most ideal conditions would be like 10 - 30% humidity, since the plant will produce more resins to protect itself from the dry enviroment.... but im guessing your gonna be using soil and want the evaporated water to keep your soil moist.... if not theres no real point to it....

  5. will you post some pics please, im thinking of doing something along the same lines since i seen the growtents at growells.

    i have built 2 wooden framed plastic lined boxs to grow in but im not happy with them so im very interested in anything like this.

  6. I'll make sure to do that Thug. So far my expenses are very minimal ($68.39 to be precise). This includes the PVC, fittings, Lamps, Bulbs, Plastic Wrap, Peat Pots, Pots for growing. Just have to get the seeds now. I actually went with 1/2" pvc piping for 89 cents at ten feet. (4 pieces) Also extended the present space to a 5'x5' setup and decided on mounting 2 squares for a top and bottom out of the pvc, and making a Greenhouse that is easily movable. (Get rid of side mounts and you can compress it down to roughly 2"x5' and move it anywhere you want. The rest follows the same format. I will post pics as soon as I get my camera back from my parents.

    Take care all! Smoke Well!


  7. Already thought that one through hippie john. Beings it's indoor, humidity levels are pretty easy to adjust. Plus I had already thought about the fan cycling the breeze around the canopy to keep things flowing ok. I thank you for your support and I know if I wouldn't of thought of it, I would be aware now...

    Smoke Well!

  8. have you done it so its light tight? if so how are you dealing with venting?
  9. Venting was easy. I form-fitted the fans to the plastic and sealed it. Then I built a labyrinth box for the fans and painted the insides black. All areas of the plastic are sealed and tested to be sealed. It's light tight for sure. I turned on the lights inside for a test today and all I saw was a light glow from the plastic like you would see under a blanket in bed with the flashlight about 2 feet away. It's climate control is doing well as of yet. Beings I'm waiting on the seeds I figured I'd run as many tests as possible.

  10. what seeds are you waiting on?
  11. Quick Misty for right now. Either Blueberries or Purp Haze or White Lights next.

  12. Creative Idea I like the way you think. If you really want to get a green house effect youu can try using an emergency blanket you can buy one at any wallmart and what you do with those is line the insid of the cloest or what ever your using with them.(make sure the shinny side is facing in.) What that will do is ceep you lighting concealed and more effective. I have found that My plants have been a hell of alot more bushy and healthier since I did this. Please do not use tin foil, it burns your leaves because it retains heat. Also A mist system isnt a bad Idea but a really good spray bottle is just as good. And finally dont forget Co2, If you cant afford a Co2 system cheack out the Co2 generator Idea on my posts, It dosent cost mor than 20 bucks and you can increase your harvest and growth by about 3x on adverage.

  13. i guess i dont understand what is the reason u want a 'greenhouse effect' ?

    the reason a greenhouse grows such a good product is;

    beautiful beautiful sunlight.
    air exchanges readily.
    watering ease.
    most growers that have a greenhouse know wtf they are doing so they use good soil and dont over water or fert, etc.

    but one of the most important things about growing in greenhouses is to PREVENT the greenhouse effect. meaning that heat is usually ur enemy. most greenhouses try to eleminate this by continued air exchanges and uses of fan systems.

    another thing that can go wrong in greenhouse is the humidity. again u can exchange ur air away from this problem in a greenhouse but in a sealed room in ur basement is another story. the lower the humidity the better.

    but the actually name 'the greenhouse effect' is that co2 (or other greenhouse gases) traps heat into a 'system' (most ppl think of this in terms of the earth but like thug mentioned, this can also happen in places like a rainforest or cities.) i dont think u wanna trap heat in. u want a self containing unit, not the greenhouse effect.

    good idea but wrong jargin.
  14. you just gave me a really good idea for next years grow, im gonna buy a tent and line it with mylar or white plastic and set it up in my attick./ Lemme know how your idea works out.
    P.S. im interested in co2 generators wheres the links
  15. I'll save you the trouble MonArch, here's the info you need:

    For a perminate Co2 generator get a bucket and fill it with water a milk jug works very well and warm water too. Now add a but load of sugar about 3 or 5 cups should do. Now stirr or shake the sugar into a solution. Next add active yest to this fornula and whammo tou have a liveing breathing C02 factory. Every week remove and replace a forth of the water and add a few teaspones of sugar and youll get a nice Harvest. The thing is the more or larger of these genorators will have a higher yeild of Co2.

    Ventalation, for a genorator like this it wont fill your chamber right away so let it go naturally and connect a latex tube to the generator and into the chamber. also because Co2 is thicker than air youll need to watch your tempurature, Because it is most likely to go up a little bit.


    PS. Good luck with the tent design. Mine seems to be working quite well, doubled my growth in 1 day. 6plants growing right now :)
  16. im not quite sure what you mean by putting a 4th of the solution into your chamber. Do i just pour a fourth of it out into an open top cup and set it under my plants? or do i connect a tube to the milk jug top and use a small fan to suck the co2 into my grow room?
  17. What I ended up doing was taking a gallon milk jug and putting the mixture needed for the CO2 Gen to work, inside and hooked a milk-hose to it running in and between the plants from underneath/beside and aimed upwards, placed equal to or below the rim of the pot.

  18. Ah i got ya, but one more thing did you use a small fan to suck the co2 out with or will it just run through the tubeing?
    got ne pics of your plants? i want to see how the green house is going, n i see your using floros, me too. For the grow u said the c02 thing increased your yield was thast with floros? this year will be my 1st inside flowering and im using floros and i want to increase my yields and potency without upgrading to hps, its too much money to waist for me cus i still live with partents and this is a stealth grow.
  19. Yeah, with any grow box you need a good fan setup to circulate the good air and bad air out. I bought a small desktop fan at Wal-mart for $5 and placed it by the end of the tubing to circulate it faster, however I don't think it's truly necessary. Depending on your money supply and what you have available for space should decide how to use your grow room effectively. My camera took a huge dump last week and I have yet to get the money for a new one or to fix it, so I'm sorry about not having pics available. However my grow box design has changed a lot since this one was designed. Nothing too drastic, mainly just measurements and fan/light placement.

    The reason for this is because I found out my closet is only 42" x 42" not 48" x 48"... Because of that I had to use my 48" ballasts for my fluoro's at an angle to get them to fit... and I didn't have the money for the 24" ballasts at the time. Now, however I have quite a bit more lighting :D and it works quite well.

    Across the top of my grow box I have 4 24" ballasts containing in each ballast 1 warm and 1 cool 24 watt bulb from Sylvannia. Between my spaced out 5 surviving plants I have 3 Spiral Fluoro's. (my spacing is set kinda like this...
    \/\/ At each point/tip is a plant. and where the empty space is is where my spiral fluoro's are located. I decided to wrap the entire box in Mylar except for the floor... on the floor I just layed a tarp down. I have as of right now, 1 2-litre bottle and 2 1 gallon milk jugs for CO2 Chambers. As for pots, I am using 2 gallon pots to give them sufficient breathing room. Other than that... same stuff as most people have I guess... Any questions feel free to ask.


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