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  1. Is this plan feasible? I'm looking for relative stealth and good lighting/humidity control. I'd use mylar on the interior walls and two regular florescent lights I have kicking around. All my measurements are rough (I haven't actually measured the lights, so I'll adjust the size of the box as needed).

    I'm not going to go hydro as this is my first grow and I have virtually no mechanical skills what-so-ever.

    I plan on constructing the box after I find a good fan and measure the lights, buckets, etc.

    I'd say I have a budget of $200.00-$300.00 max on the fan, wood, mylar, etc. As I already said, I have the lights already.

    Any advice, taunts, or compliments will be greatly, greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance,
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    Your high architect of destiny,

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  2. You have 2 150 watt fluoro tubes??? o_O
  3. design two cuz if its worth doing its worth doing right

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  4. Anybody with any experience want to give me any advice? I've never done this before I need someone to hold my hand.
  5. heat mats will be beneficial i also run a 4 bulb t5 pioneer junior with 4 grow bulbs then i swithch to bloomers i also make my own fertilizer and i used a sever fan facing the opposite directon so it draws air out with a vent that sucks air in.
  6. could i add a wall between the two sides so I could veg on one side and flower on the other.

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