My Grow Space - Lighting??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnson91, May 30, 2009.

  1. So far i am vegging about 8 plants under a 200watt CFL. Although they could have males in them. Any more than two and al count them as a bonus.
    The size of my grow space is:
    L x W x H
    74cm x 46cm x 120cm
    29.1in x 18.1in x 47.2in
    2.4f x 1.5f x 3.9f

    What i was wondering is if for flowering should i get two 200W CFls for flowering and have one aiming at the sides and one on top and have a total of 400watts of CFL and how amny gram do you think it would yield?
    Or should i get a 150watt HPS??
    Would one of those fit in this space without to many heating problems tho? And how much do you reckon i could yeild if i did it half decent say for the first time?

    Just i am aiming to get a good yeild to last me till my next harvest and from what i have read i wouldnt really be getting enough to last a month of CFLs. Bit of a heavy smoker.

    Cheers :)
  2. Even if half of them were males you'll need more light - and more light = more yield. Can you afford the HPS as well as another CFL?
  3. Not really, would have to be one or the other, i could maybe afford a 150w HPS and a 2700K CFL light, but would prefer to stick with one or the other, would a 200w HPS work for a space like this? Although ventilation could be a problem, money is a bit of an issue. Just a was thinking using a 200watt CFl for veg then move to a 150-200 watt HPS for the flowering. How many watts will i need for flowering 2-4 plants in that size space?
  4. Consider having at least 70-100watts per plant you are growing. Any less and the plants will not grow as fast and/or the buds won't be as dense. If you choose to go with an HPS remember it will be throwing off a bit more heat than a bunch of CFLs. I go the CFL route but I usually don't grow 8 plants but for 2-4 they will be fine. Also consider that when you use an HPS, because of the heat, you will have to keep it farther from your plants which will be hard to do once they start growing and get big with the dimensions of your container.
  5. So if a got say a 150watt HPS i could grow 4 of them this first time round ( or however many there is ) and only grow them small as a practice this time round. Then for my next grow i could just buy feminised and do 2 a time under a 150watt? How much of a problem would the heat be with a 150HPS in this sized area?
    What yeild would i get of each plant roughly if i do it right under a 150 watt hps in the dimensions i mentions?
    And what yield would i get roughly if i did the same with two 200watt cfls?
  6. Sorry to bump just still trying to see what others would suggest.

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