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  1. hey wassup evryone ! anyways i dont know what to put my thread under or what...but just wanted to get some feed back on my little set up i got going k ? thanks guys! much love from the west coast and yes thats a half gallon milk jug ...and the big plant is 5 days old i just got it under the cfl so it will be speeding up....and that little booger beside it has advanced its growing so fast for such a tiny little thing....cuz of that cfl so close..its neat! anyways before i put the box around it ....the light was irritating me and stuff thats why i did it lol PEACE

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  2. Are you only vegging in that?:confused:
  3. Start reading the grow sections man. Read until your eyes bleed. Id scrap that or plant it outside.
  4. yea im just vegging in this ....and here in 4 more days im moving them into seperate buckets.....5 gallon buckets! with good soil and i have an additional light for the other one...i take the box off when i go to sleep and turn the light off so the wind blows through them u know ....and to be honest i dont ALWAYS have that box on it ...just when the light irritates my eyes sometimes lol...always got fresh air and good surrounding

  5. Before you go ahead and grow, look in the forums for beginner tutorials and faqs....Your grow is really bad and you will most likely not have a successful grow...:confused_2:
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    Stop putting down what he done. its better than nothing!

    But i agree this grow does need some work if you want a really great result. I would say using at least 3000 lumens which is about 2 or 3 more cfl's.

    Have fun man! once you catch the growing bug you cant get rid of it.


    Haha after actually examining the pictures i have come to the conclusion that this is one ghetto grow! yeah man you should do some reading up mate. you should lower your light to stop the plants stretching.
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    say what you will.....just cuz it looks simple and shitty ...i grew a plant last winter just like it....and it budded and i got a few ounces out of it.... :) i have all the essentials to get me buddha .....dont hate appreciate! peace and to the guy above me yea u see those fuckers talking shit? smh....anyways its not like im trying to grow the best damn grow out there just doing with what i can and yea thats it.....i will ensure buds off this thing come hell or high water!
  8. Well man, there's more to growing than just having a light and a box. And the plant looks like its stretching for light too.
  9. and yes friday im getting 2 more cfls hooked up better?
  10. again....i only have that fuckin box on there when that light bugs my eyes.....not that much...when its you see in the first has nice air circulation in my computer room and good soil and friday will have another cfl on it in a 5 gallon....WHAT?!

  11. Well, that's a good start.. Veg with 24/0 or 18/6 light, flower with 12/12. Indicas will double in size and sativas will triple when you flower them so make sure you don't overgrow your space. Keep your water pH at around 6.0 and Reverse osmosis water would probably be good in case your tap water is too "hard". Use good nutes (fox farm has a great trio pack for veg + flower for $50). Make sure the grow area is between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity at 40-50%. Check the grow faqs for more info.:)
  12. Hey so think they will pick up there growth ...its not too late is it ? to introduce another cfl above them minus the box? on this friday? cuz i get paid on that day

  13. Its never too late... As long as you keep at least 18 hours of light per day they wont flower. Make sure to keep that light on...or it will mess up the grow..unless you actually wanna flower an early plant?:confused:
  14. You should get a paper route so you have money to save up an buy a real grow light, it will be better in the end imo.:bongin:
  15. Read up, you might succeed but your yield will be hardly worth your time.
  16. Well, I think that plant will take a long time to develop but I may be wrong... you need 12/12 to flower well.... and 18/6 or 24/0 to veg well... Im vegging 24/0 with LED + flourescents in my grow, check it out.

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