my grow setup need help please.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jester87k, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Ok so im looking for someone who knows what there doing to tell me if i need to get anything else or if what i got is right so i can get this up and going.

    HTG Supply - HTGSupply 400 watt High Pressure Sodium Grow Light (Upgraded to Euro Reflector for Venting.) Also added 8 Outlet Surge Protector - 120 + Steel Wheel Reflector Hangers

    HTG Supply - 16 Inch Wall Mount Oscillating Fan (Fan)

    HTG Supply - 6" Inline Duct Fan (Duct Fan)

    HTG Supply - Black 5 Gallon Bucket (8 of them)
    HTG Supply - 10" Bucket Lid (8 of them)

    HTG Supply - Grow Tent | Silver Lined Grow Tent | Agromax Grow Tent (Grow Tent) (Ph tester) Wondering if any better 1s or 1s for a better price i know 100 is what is expected to be payed thou :(

    HTG Supply - 4" Air Stone (8 of them)

    HTG Supply - Sunleaves DIY Air Dividers ( 2 of them),-40-Gallon-Max..asp ( 2 of them)

    Also have the 1/4 inch black tubing for connecting all the Bubbler and Air stones.

    So am i missing anything? will i need more? should i change anything i can always spend alittle more or less if there is better stuff for cheaper
  2. you will need all the nutrients for the water and ph up and ph down. also hydroton for the bucket lids other than that looks like you have everything on your list
  3. You have just about all your materials for a decent bubble bucket run. Nutes and hydroton and maybe a second smaller fan for lower foliage. Umm scent control and your tools of the trade idk if I'm missing anything lol
  4. it looks like you need a carbon filter and ducting
  5. i would forgo the hydroponics and do a soil grow but thats just also need genetics...but seriously if this is your first time i would not do hydro it's just to complicated soil is much more forgiving
  6. cause if you gotta ask if your missing something you will and with hydro there are skinny parameters you have to attend and if you don't your crop could be devastated
    go buy pro mix with mycoryzze in it and buy yourself botanicare nutes you will love your results even if it's bagseeds and drop down to 2 gallon growbags if you want 8 plants

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