My Grow Room Photos & Questions About Moving some outside?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lemonaden, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. My grow room has been set up in the basement since January. I started off with 2 strains that are about 3 feet tall now, and then added a few more seeds as you can see. Started them all off in 5 gallon buckets under a 400w MH until I flower and will switch to HPS. I have mylar on half of the room and the plants seem to be thriving.

    My question is that when I planted the last 5 seeds, only 2 of them really took off. The other 3 are still very small as you can see in the photos below. 2 of them are over 3 feet tall and I want to start flowering them right now, but only have 1 room, and 1 ballast and cant afford another right now.

    If I start them to flowering right now, could I take the 3 small plants and move them outside now or is it too early. I can't imagine it's gonna freeze again or be that cold at night, and I am in New England.... Could I start flowring all of them right now and just hope the small ones catch up, or should i just give up on them?

    As you can see in 1 of the photos, the leaves and nodes are spaced VERY much apart by like 6 inches, would clipping the tops off of these plants cause them to grow out more as a bush and result in giving me more buds or should I just leave them alone. Photos below:

  2. Anybody have any advice?
  3. If the weather stays like it has been for the last week up here, you wont have anythign to worry about i wouldnt think.

    This is about the time of year I know other growers locally start their outdoor operations.
  4. What temperature should I be worried about if it were to drop to at night? So I could just move the small plants out now and then start the 12/12 with my HPS light?
  5. You should start LSTing all those little ones so they become bushes instead of one straight plant.
    I would actually throw the tall ones outside to start flowering while the little ones catch up instead of the other way around like you mentioned, otherwise the little ones will probably start flowering at that size.
  6. throw it outside to start flowering?

    outdoors in new england wont flower until august
  7. No, I said I'd like th row the small ones outside to veg, and keep the tall ones inside and start my flowering... That way in august the little ones will have a chance to grow.

    What temperatures should I look out for at night?

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