my grow room is too hot!!!

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  1. Hi All,

    This is my first posting on this forum so i hope i give enough detail for you to be able to answer my question. Firstly a general thank you to all forum members as the discussion boards on this site ahve really helped me out in the past!

    Right i'm on my first grow in about 3 years. i'm also using a pre-made cabinet utilising the DWC method. I'm going to try to put pictures up to help explain where i can.

    Basically for security purposes the cabinet is in a built in wardrobe under the stairs - to be clear - i'm growing in the cabinet (with metal doors that shut) and said cabinet is in the built in wardrobe. There is about a metre of space to the left of cab. A quick run down of the setup - 600w HPS light with cool tube (attahced to an extractor fan) positioned in the top left corner. ducting connects to the cool tube. a small intake fan about 2 foot up on the bottom left side. then my resevoir (8 plants), aerator stone for bubbles and a manual desk fan just to circulate the air.

    The plants have been in about 2 weeks now from cuttings (3 inch tall) and are now 19-20" tall. The general colouring is excellent, nice deep green. all looks healthy and happy.

    THE BIG PROBLEM IS . . . . . HEAT!!!

    It has been between 85-95 pretty much the whole time, i've added a 'home made' CO2 kit (yeast, sugar and water) as researched suggests that will help a bit. The exhaust fan is on as high as possible as is the intake fan. Now i'm asking for a lot here, in fact something that may not exist but my question is - how do i cool my grow cabinet down bearing in mind the following restrictions;
    - i cannot cut into the metal (nor do i want too cos the smell)
    - i cannot move the cabinet
    - there is no space for an ac unit inside, plus i think this would get too hot anyway??


    Thanks a million in advance!!

    Happy Toking!
  2. if you don't have a way to vent the heat out, there isn't much else to do. also, get rid of the DIY co2, it doesn't provide any noticeable benefit, and it will burn out in just a few days, leaving a putrid smelling bottle of crap.
  3. Okay you said you had a cooltube, either I overlooked it or you didn't say it, but where are you exhausting to? If you're exhausting to INSIDE that metal cab... that's your problem right there. You said you didn't want to cut holes in it or anything, so I'm going to assume that's what you're doing.

    If so, that's your problem.

    Also what's the CFM rating of your fan?
  4. yeah there is a cooltube that is connected by ducting to the extractor fan. that is connected to ducting out the back of the cabinet and feeds into a carbon filter (for odour control) the cabinet was pre-built. to be perfectly honest i dont know what the CFM is as it came built into the cabinet. is there any way of finding out?
  5. Buy a mini fridge.Check on craigslist. put it in and crack the door just slitely or cut a hole in the top of the mini fridge and put in and silicone a pvc cut off valve so you can turn the valve to let out the right amount of air into yur chamber. Take temps every 2 hours until you get the right temp.
  6. i have a mini fridge and it gets very hot in my room just a fyi if u try that
  7. How big are your intakes? box size? 600 watts just might be a little too much bulb? You have active intakes? use a bigger fan (as long as you keep negitive pressure)...... Ill post again if i think of something else easy

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