My grow room is running too hot!

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  1. Hi all, I'm in the south of the uk, and I'm about to do my first grow. I've built a shed (6ftx4ft) in my garden and have ran electric's (properly) too it, the UK is currently at 22'c. I have boarded a box room in the shed (3/4's of the shed) and am running a 400w HPS and have a 4 inch carbon filter with exhaust fan and a 4" air intake and a 4" desk fan for inside. I've been doing a test run before germinating, and it's hitting an often 95'f but anything between 91-100'f. I've set the timer to 1600-1000 UK time for the 18/6 veg light cycle.
    I would say my room is 4ftx4ft and a metre high. The air intake us from the air inside the shed, so am wondering if that's the problem.
    Any advice from the room would be great!! The seeds I have are Barney's Farm LSD and some freebie auto emerald jack,
  2. Forgot to say, pics will follow as soon as the neighbours fuck off back indoors. :)
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    intake air from under shed floor asuming it's off the ground run your dark cycle during hottest part of the day add a couple more circluation fans i use a 16" and a 6 " in a 4by 4 by 6 tent in my garage and have my light cycle from 22:00h to 10:00h
  4. Unfortunately the shed is not rasied, so am thinking tuning the air intake from straight outside? Just worried about the bugs. Etc.
    Are you running 12/12 for veg or are you budding? ;)
  5. just started flowering about a week ago.
    wrap nylon tights doubled over around intake bug free!!
  6. I would suggest getting your intake from the outside FRESH air.

    Then, I would suggest maybe getting a little bigger than a 4" desk fan. I have about the same size grow and use a 10" oscillator fan, and a 4" desk fan.

    Lastly, is there a reason you dont have an exhaust? Intake at the bottom, Exhaust at the top.
  7. Looks like I need a re jig on the intake then! Have exhaust 4" out take sucking air through the filter first before going through duct in the shed.
    Plus it's been 3 days since I germ'd some seeds and put into pots in a propagator. Still nothing :(

    Cheers for the tips so far! 
  8. A mate Is giving me two 6" fans so hope this will sort it. 

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