My Grow Room Design (With Sketch)Your Thoughts

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by II0 II IvI II0, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I am going to be building a grow room in the next year and want to get everything soon and plan way before I plant..

    I drew up this design and I am wondering if it looks good and or what tweaks could be made..Or if something doesn't look right..I am very open to suggestions so please fire away..

    For the fan outs.They will be going to 4 or 6" air duct to the carbon filter you see in the picture..I am not sure if I need a carbon filter or something for the cool air going thru the light and out..(Should The 6" axial fan going thru the light be a intake or outtake fan?)


    Here is a side view I made up.Not to detailed.
  2. good plan man
    im too stoned to be shure ill think again tomorow)))
    but u dont need any intake fans or air cooling
    your exhaust is enough to cool and airate the growspace
    u dont need no filters on your cooltube just make shure it dont have leaks
    so no odor can get in there

    BTW whats your cooltube fan speed?
    is there any ? lol

    u shoud add a mom space where u can keep 4-8 soil pots with moms
    good luck man

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