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My grow plans, your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bonermahoner, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone i've been spending the last week or so prepping and researching everything i need in order to get a successful grow but i wanted to run my supplies and ideas by you all to make sure i wasn't leaving anything out..

    -45 gal. rubbermaid bin, 31X17X20" (a little small i know but i figure it'll do until it grows out of it which is when i buy another and flip it over on top in lieu of the lid).

    -(2)26w daytime, (2)26 w soft white cfl's both hooked up to "Y" sockets

    -Digital Thermometer and humidity

    -Mechanical timer

    -Power strip

    -(2) 12VDC Cooling fans (120x120x38)

    -extension cords

    Other things im considering buying or rigging up are carbon filters (not a huge issue yet), depending on how many plants end up turning out i will most likely buy 2 more socket splitters to add 4 more cfl's, and a small fan to run inside cooling it down a little more and blowing on the plants stems.

    I've got the cfls in "Y" sockets on either end of a wood board supported by chains im able to raise and lower but still not convinced i have enough lighting. Another thing stressing me out is not being able to find a local fox farm soil retailer and i dont have the slightest clue what nutes and ferts to use. Ideas? Comments? What am i forgetting? as soon as i can
  2. hey dude only things id really say is if your going to do more than 1 plant your going to want more light, you got enough for 1, a good rule of thumb is 100watts a plant to get nice growth & bushy plants but more is always better, also id suggest running your setup for a day first with no plants to check temps so u dont have problems after germing em(dont forget a small fan for inside to move air & strengthen the plant stems)

  3. agree

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