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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Great Decay, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. So i'm planning on growing 4-8 plants in my crawlspace, which is located in my room.
    Its pretty roomy, dark, secret, yet i do worry it's gonna be to hot in there.
    I plan on having a 400watt HPS, and between 2-4 florescents(2 140w 4ft strips,
    and two/three fluoscent screw in bulbs 60w/100w). It's already pretty hott in there
    (90f+ 75%+ humidity) during the peak sun hours, and along with the lights,
    i wont be the only thing baking in that room. :bongin: I plan on having two fans running
    at nearly all times during the day until it cools down a bit more. One fan sitting by the
    eaves for exhaust, and also blowing on the plants a low once they get bigger and another
    fan bringing in a/c cooled air from my room.

    Any suggestions?

    I'll be starting the plants out under only the cfl lights upclose, and i might have the HPS on at a distance. This'll happen in my closet, so it'll be cool, and no humidity from the a/c.

  2. don't use a halogen.
  3. i was thinking about using a couple 40w metal halide lights instead
    i just want something other than the HPS to be the main light source
    of the plants while they're young
  4. if you want cheap and easy, go to walmart and grab some cfl's.
  5. yeah, i might do that actually.
    a lot cheaper, for now..
  6. yes, and a halogen wont grow a plant.
  7. i actually don't know why i even said halogen at the bottom,
    didn't even catch my mistake until now, they're fluros not halogens

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