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  1. well my partner in crime and i had a little argument about a month ago about wether we should get 6 pots for our 6 healthy plants or just put 2 into 3 pots..

    well, since he was the one buying the pots we went with just 3.. we got 3 5 gallon pots

    just like this one..

    now all the plants are about 14-20 inches tall, some farther along than others and i have only attempted to train one of them due to my inexperience and unwillingness to ruin my entire grow..

    2 of my plants are beginning to look unhealthy with leaf droopage and curling and slight discoloring on the bottom leaves, i can probably get some pictures up before work tomorrow..

    I'm in the rocky mountain area and the climate here is pretty dry and the summer is short. for a long time the plants did very well and grew extremely rapidly but lately growth has basically come to a stop and they are starting to look unhealthy, i haven't been able to get out and water them as much as possible but i believe i have been watering them a sufficient amount.

    The plants were planted on April 20th (jeah) and most of them are onto like their 3-5th node, is this a normal growth rate for my area?

    Since they are this far along and they are in such close contact to eachother would it be safe to try and transplant my babies into the ground? would i be ok putting them straight into the ground or should i dig up a big hole and fill it with purchased soil and plant them..

    Is there an easy way to transplant to cause as minimal stress to the plants as possible? I'm just so far along and it's to late to restart you know... i really haven't used any nutes or ferts or pesticides on it at all. I haven't had any problems with bugs at all, should i try to be putting some kinda fertilizer in it to give them a boost?

    Any opinions appreciated.. sorry for the long post haha
  2. I have been told by a lot that the first mistake was that you and you friend should of bought 6 pots. One plant in each. As for transplanting you cold try but the roots are mixed together. I would dig a hole twice the diamitor of the pot and place them in the ground. Don't use plan soil. mix some of the exsisting soil with some pealite and poting soil or compost. If they are far enough apart in the pot that you could separate them without disturbing the majority of the root ball then plant each plant indiviually. Good Luck
  3. One plant per pot. I got an average of 10 oz per plant growing in 5 UKgallon pots. US gallons are smaller.
  4. That's what i was telling my friend but he and my gf love to argue with me i guess and he was talking about just moving them later but now i just fear that they are too far along that transplanting them would do more damage than benefit the plants..

    What fertilizer's do you recommend?

    Anything i can get at home depot would be nice because i have a couple thousand dollars to use at home depot.

    Should i introduce new fertilizers now when there have not been any the entire grow or should i just fert to stimulate flowering?
  5. Ok you let them win but you won't let that happen again. Part of the learning experience. Next, I have seen two plants in one 5 gal. bucket separated at the end of harvest for regeneration by just turning the bucket over and cutting the hole plug in half with a big knife. You would be very surprised how hardy the wonderful plant is. Don't breakup the root ball any more then to cut in half and replant. Do this with kind hands and don't drop it.
    With a bit of luck you can find a B1 root stimulator at Home Depot. Water with a half strength bloom formula and a us the B1 at half strength. Use the
    water you mix to pre-moisten in an extra soil bucket or large lawn and garden then put the half plug into the soil. Water with your mix after you get all the soil built up around the roots. This soil will settle after it set for a bit. Make sure to top that off so the entire plug is covered.
  6. yah there all right, 1 per pot, they'll become root bound and stunt growth, but if u guys r not down for buying anything such as pots, then go lurk around ur neighbourhood, i gurantee you'll find some in the fron of peeps houses, good luck with the grow!
  7. oh no money is not a factor.. i have basically an unlimited amount of resources at the home depot..
  8. outside, the sun controls the flowering of a plant. when the days get shorter they start to flower.
  9. Lucky you!!!
  10. My real question is.. when they're this far along (1.5 - 2 feet) is it too late to try and transplant them to seperate pots? I'd hate to cause so much stress on the plant that i get no yield at all instead of a lesser one you know.. is there a stress-free system of transplanting?
  11. Keep the rootball undisturbed. Surround it with fresh compost.
  12. Nah, I transplanted mine yesterday from pots into the ground. I had four 2ft plants growing in a pot smaller in size to yours and the roots had only just begun to interlace. I just cut them cleanly with the shovel and popped them into the ground. You'll be fine - they're tougher than you realise.
  13. transplanting that way would have shocked the plant for a good few days
  14. Absolutely fisher, you are right as ever. Only one plant per pot, WHATEVER the circumstances.
  15. should i cut the roots or just pull them out and try to seperate them? What's the best way?

    And i'm also getting a few yellowed leaves but just at the bottom.. the rest of the plant looks healthy and call me silly but one of the plants is starting to smell an awful lot like weed even though it hasn't hit the flowering stage yet..

    It's really hard for me to get out and water the plants due to how remote they are.. is there a way to set up something that auto feeds them..

    I've used watering spikes but are they any good? the water looks like some kind of gel and if i look at the soil it really doesn't look like it covers a huge area...

    when they're 2 feet tall how much should i be watering them?

    i bought bone meal and blood meal from home depot .. how do i apply these fertilizers? how often? what exactly does each attribute do (x-x-x)?

    i wasn't sure on what else to get.. next time i go i will be buying 5 pots and organic soil and some rooting fertilizer i saw that was made for helping with transplanting and helping to build strong roots.. is this good? are 5 gallon pots ok?

    Sorry for the lack of pictures.. this has basically become my grow journal but just really boring.. excuse the lack of pictures.. As soon as i find the cord to hook up my razr to my computer i'll get some more up..

    Here's some pictures of my plants taken on 4/20

    Shitty pictures but the camera's really nice.. not much of a photographer..

    Since then they went through a phase of like no growth but then i put them all into bigger pots 2 in one, 3 in the other (both 5 gallon)

    I have probably not been watering them as much as i could/should have..

    Some of the biggest leaves are much bigger than my hand and the plants are all about .. 1.3 - 2.5 feet (my rough guestimate)

    i have not had any problem with bugs or animals.. the only real problem i have noticed is the yellowing,curling, and eventual dying of the bottom leaves.. this is only a recent problem, could this be caused by the large, thick canopy?

    i'll try to get some pictures up asap.. any help is really appreciated

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  16. Alright alright.. some time this week i'm gonna run to home depot and get 5 5 gallon pots, is this ok?

    I have bone meal, blood meal and i plan on getting root-stimulation formula for the transplant process..

    What is the best process to transplant? should i split the roots with a shovel or try to pull them apart as to not damage the roots?

    How and when do i apply the blood meal and bone meal
  17. Alright well i'm glad to say that out of 6 plants i got 5 girls. I'm almost 100% sure of all of their sexes and i'm very anxious to see these girls bloom.

    I transplanted on friday the 23rd into 6 gallon pots. 1 plant per pot, i had to do it all inside and i really did rip a good amount of roots because they were so tangled up i could not seperate them...

    To transplant them i just pulled out the root ball then tried to shake off as much dirt as possible them split them up and put them into some Jiffy soil mix that's made for vegetables.

    I mixed 1 cup of root stimulator mixed with <1 gallon of water and watered each plant with it. I will be applying the root stimulator mix for maybe 3 weeks until i know they have established good, firm roots.

    Maybe into a week of watering with the root stimulator i will slowly add blood/bone meal, what do you suggest for the vegging stage?

    How should i apply it?

    I'll get pics up of all the ladies in their final homes when i find my freaking camera cord.

    All the plants are about 1-3 feet tall and the shortest one was one i tried to train but my string had come untied and was basically just laying on the plant, this caused some very interesting growth such as nodes binding in parts and branches binding with the stem.. is this weird? it caused a very short, bushy plant, will my yield be decreased/increased by this?

    I trimmed off all the dead, yellowing, wilting leaves at the bottoms of the plant so the plant could put less focus on trying to repair those and more focus on trying to repair the roots.. is doing this ok or will it stress the plant too much?

    If anyone could try their best to answer my questions that'd be awesome.. thanks all, sorry for the lack of pictures.. i really really need to find my camera cord so i could put some of my pictures of dank up on here too..

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