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  1. Got a couple of plants fairly well along and a few more on the way. I've stuck a cam on them so you can all laugh at how pathetic they look. :)

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  2. thats a fun idea! too bad its been "offline" everytime i've tried it yet :-/
  3. sorry about that, but it was dark and impossible to see anything.. :-(

    The cam page has a clock on it showing you what time it is here. I'm not using lamps too much, just natural light for the best part and a small light in the evening to suppliment.

    I've no idea what variety they are as the seeds have been collected from all over he place. I've been lucy so far with male to female ratio. Had 1 male and 2 female up to now. I'm hoping that out of the next 5 that are on the way to get at least 3 females.. is there ant way to force them? ie temp or fertiliser?
  4. that camera looks like it has 200 pixels TOTAL ,hehe ;)
  5. yeah, sorry, us UK people keep odd times for the rest of the world..

    Not sure about the pixel content of the cam, i'm sure it used to look better when i bought it.. but im trying not to get the weed between the cam and the light or ul see nothing but a blur .. i'll be cutting this one soon so i'll try and get a better shot of the next lot .. :)
  6. Off out to get some longer canes today, the tops are getting too heavy for the poor little stems to support. I'm doing all this on the cheap, no lights, no fancy grow rooms etc.. just some old pots, sol from outside and free seeds... cheap weed mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. way to go buddy :D
  8. cam might be off for the weeknd from tonight, my girlfriends over and i dont want u lot to get an eyefull of her nekkid !! that's MY treat .. :p
  9. cams back, plants r looking good, 2 maturing, 6 more going great guns.. feeding time ..mmmmmmm
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmm ...sticky.... mmmmmmmmm

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  11. looking GREAT, shes growing ok.
  12. repotted my next batch .. (in bigger pots than the last ones) the original ones seem to be growing again now the cheeky buggers.
    I'll set my cam onto the next ones as soon as the first lot are cut.
    Going to have to buy some red christmas baubles to hang from em tho (and pretend they're tomato plants) as I've just been outside and i could see my plants from 1/2 mile away
  13. good luck with makin people think there tomato plants!!! If u can see them that far away then ur gonna have a prob... but I have to give you props thats some cool shit!!!!!
  14. ok, cams been off for the weekend, and i've had a shuffle round of the plants, i got 2 ready (almost) for cutting (still ...yawn) 2 monster plants. and 3 slow growers. I reckon the 2 big-uns are going to be males, so the bubble hash guide is printed out ready to go.
    So on cam now are the 2 big plants (it also meant i could move them away from the window a touch and let the budding ones get most of the light) also u cant see em so well from up the road....
    .... mmmm smells great in my bedroom :-D
  15. aaarrrgghhh i've now got 9 inches of new growth out of the tops of the older plants, all covered in tiny buds. I think they know they're for the chop and are trying to convince me that they should be left alone...i suppose i'll have to make a decission at some point, or i could be waiting all year.
    i'm pretty sure that the two monster plants are going to turn out male as thats what happened witht the first lot i grew.. the males shot up and the females took their time. Anyone else experienced this? although as it's all bag seed, its difficult to know if they are the same variety.
    This is the first time in my life that i've ever been tempted to grow anything (apart from water cress at school) mum will be so proud ;-) Just got to work out how to grow rizzlas and roaches now and i'll be self sufficient. :p

    Any requests for new camera angles and photos will be considered, mulled over, contemplated, mused, pondered and deliberated....... then when i get chance...posted :)

    Take it easy peeps..
  16. ok, heres the first lot. 2 plants. I waited til the crystals were turning yellowy brown, then cut them at the soil level and hung them upside down in a cupboard in darkness with a fan on them for 12 days. The stems got to the point where there was a little spring left in them before they broke when bent. Then i trimmed them down. I've kept all the trimmings for the freezer with a view to making bubble hash from them. I've put all the buds into a kilner jar. Heres a pic of the jar .. it's a 1/2 litre one so you get an idea of the size.

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  17. ok, so now im curing them (didnt know they were ill, but what the heck) im trying to keep to a schedule.. 8 hrs in the fridge closed, 4 hours in the dark open ..etc etc the buds are a bit stringy, but then i was using natural sunlight so they were competeing for light. I guess growroom buds are more dense. I've tried very hard not to disturb the crystals whilst i've been trimming etc much to my girlfriends annoyance as she wanted to peel the resin off my fingers and smoke it str8 away. I reckon its better on the bud. The photoflash has taken some of the colour out of the crystals so they look v clear indeed.. ...... i cant begin to describe the smell every time i open the jar .. its so strong that at first it started to make me feel sick .. like eating a gallon of icecream in one go. Its a kind of earthy sweet smell with a real spike .. it makes my nose tingle when im near it .. i reckon that another 5 days of curing and it'l be sweet to smoke. (if i can keep my girlfriend out of it .. she keeps trying to rub rizzlas onto the crystals ..grrr)
    My next lot is coming along nicely.. 2 clones, 2 fems (already budding) and 3 that i cant tell yet. With the exception of the clones, all the rest are around 4 feet tall and v v bushy. If i get as much off these next 2 as the first ones, i shouldnt need to buy any for months..
    Anyway, heres the piccy of the curing stuff. mmmmmmm

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  18. best nugg of the bunch :)

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  19. still no sign of gender on the 3 unknowns yet. this waiting business is bad .. if it wasnt for the first lot being ready i'd be going mad. V mellow smoke with a really sweet smell. Nice effect too, kind of like taking a bath in syrup..
    peace my friends

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