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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Baron, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im trying to determine if my plants are male or female. They have been in growing since around mid july, and i THINK they are females... but im not 100% sure...

    The seeds were taken from a bagseed as this is my first grow, and am merely trying to get everything done once around before i move onto F1 seeds.

    Here is a picture of both plants as of right now.
    The one on the right, grew a little funny and basically branched off at about 6-7 different spots after devloping an inch or so stem... so i LST'd them, and they appear to be doing great.


    Here is a picture of the taller of the one that didnt seem to branch off like crazy... he seems to be doing well...


    here is a picture of the 2nd one, that i LST'd... you will notice some yellow spots on both plants... thats from when i had the CFL's touching them and didnt realize... as well some of the bottom leaves are getting enough light... im trying to correct that problem


    Now some close up of the plants i am trying to determine sex...


    Im not 100% sure they are even showing sex yet, so im looking to you guys for some assistance... any help you can give me is great... i havent spotted any balls yet, so im pretty happy about that

    About my grow:
    LST'd Plant has 3x32w Coolwhite Bulb's and 1x23w softwhite
    Taller plant has 2x 52w Warmwhite (all CFL's)
    My tempratures are usually around 26C, and my RH is at 60 always
    Im growing in Promix Potting Soil (has the perculite ball things)
    I fert them using 15-15-18 household plant fertilizer, and give it about 25%-50% of the recommended dosage... They are ferted twice in a row, then watered with plain water

    I know im not growing in optimal conditions, but im just developing a sense of experience with this grow so i can have a better chance of success with better seeds. I will be getting a 400w HPS and MH for vegging and flowering once i have the cash flow... as well, the wall will be covered in Mylar...

    Thanx for looking... i may have rambled...:smoke::smoke:

    edit: fuck... i copied the wrong links... ill get new pictures right away
    edit2: pictures are all good now
  2. have you switched to 12/12? you should see pistils and/or pollen sacks soon after doing that, if you havent not sure but i think theres a ball on that second closeup shot..i hope im wrong:)
  3. how long after putting them into 12/12?
    im going to be doing that shortly
  4. be patient, it could take a couple weeks or a couple days..good luck!
  5. can i put it back into veg once it has shown sex? or just continue with flower?
  6. i saw this same question posted in the Q&A on Hightimes..i think it messes up the plant doin this...but from what i remember readin on there once a plant reaches a certain age of maturity it will show its sex without budding..
  7. I wouldnt recommend switching a plant back to vegitive state after flowering unless its for cloning purposes or somethign like that.

    Just be patient my friend, in my experience, sex shows during the vegitive state if you look closely enough. And if it doesnt, so what? Once you switch to flowering, your sex will definently show.

    Best advice I can give is be patient and let your plants do their thing......if its one of your first grows then typically the more attention you pay to your plant, the worse off it tends to come.

    Best of luck with your grow and I hope you get plenty of ladies :)


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