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Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by outdoorinvestor, May 15, 2010.

  1. no they arent :p you oughta read up on it...

  2. haha the silencer aint gona kill anyone !!!
    its the gun :D

  3. hmmm
    mass shooting almost every month over in there in the states,
    by 'private citizens'
    maybe theres a reason these private citizens cant be trusted with guns
  4. Kudos to The-illest for the Winston churchill story xD

    Guns dont kill people, people kill people...
    But guns help...
  5. silencers are not for sale to private citezens without federal permits,Uzi's,mac11 aren't illegal unless full auto.Personally a potato,and 2liter bottles work pretty good,where I'm at its illegal to kill beavers so regardless its only illegal if ya get caught.And I'm def all bout my second amendment rights.U got lil kids runnin round afghan,africa with RPG's and we cant make our weapons quiet is stupid
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    thanks mate
    hes one of the worlds greatest orators
    so many great quotes
    along with
    obama of course
    id even say hitler but im disgusted with myself for doing so
    lloyd george was good aswell but he was a real sleaze bag
    i love the jfk quote about nasa and the moon etc,
    'We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard'

    and yeah i could kill someone with a pint glass if i wanted to,
    they aint illegal
    but im not a looney so i wont ;)

    this is all very off topic...
    he was just trying to look cool :cool:
  7. using an uzi to take out some beavers. i didnt know rambo was a redneck.

    good luck with all your future failed grows scumbag.
  8. and also silencers where made to make shooting more comfortable and fun and anyone thats shot a weapon with and without a silencer would know theres a big difference on the ears lol
  9. redneck? no.. but American soldier that gets shot at an has my convoys blown up to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans (even faggot ass over the internet mandle wearin bad ass wannabees that wouldnt do shit in real life like you) yes that would be me. an id appreciate it if you would take your bad attitude out on someone that deserves it an someone in real life standing in your face would prolly be a good testical growing exercise for you maybe try taking it out on your mom for not swallowing? cuz now for that we have to deal with your worthless disrespectful ass.. :wave:
  10. yeah hes right maybe you should get some grenades,or a flamethrower.
  11. YO can we get a REAL update please :wave:

    i was kinda lookin forward to reading about your grow rather than the 2nd amendment
  12. 1st pic my ghetto setup
    2nd pic the skunk
    3rd pic from left to right (1 Auto AK47) (2 Auto AK x Auto Blue Berry)
    4th pic is LSD

    the skunk isnt lookin the greatest she wasnt getting that much sun outside but shesa slowly getting better being inside and im getting a 400w HPS x MH its in the mail atm so stuff should be going faster soon..

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  13. shit well i guess the pic of the autos failed to show up on here but w/e there just sprouting right now popped on fathers day :)
  14. 1st pic is the Auto AK47
    2nd pic is LSD
    3rd pick is the single lower leaves an they are turning yellow what do i do???
    whats wrong with them?

    and theres three AK x Blueberry but the pic didnt post so ill try to post it sometime soon again

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  15. Maybe instead of killing beavers you should just not plant near them? I mean your taking a foreign plant and putting it in their natural habitat. You have the whole word to plant in, but beavers on the other hand are limited in the sense that suitable habitats are constantly being destroyed to make room for stores so the consumer populations you risked your life to defend can buy their oozies and then get into pissing contests over the internet trying to act tough. gotta love the homophobic machoism that gets brainwashed into our military. wheres all the love in this grow? Your plants look good. hint: stay away from the beaver pond this time. your growing weed man its supposed to be a good time. chill out a bit.

    Also what's the deal with your hundred plants that have been growing for years and keep getting pollinated by males? any pics?

  16. -_- its a Mac 11 and it was a joke about killing the beaver i dont kill anything that im not going to eat or thats not trying to kill me... also i dont see the point in being gay but im not a homophobe idk where you got that? ive seen gays in the military and to be honest i could care less if someones gay black white orange yellow or frickin purple with green polkadots as long as there able to do what they need to do to make sure we all come home thats all that i care about. And the hundreds of plants i got goin outdoors is goin good besides i think a farmer or someone sprayed a pretty decent chunk of them with some kinda weed killer :( but oh well theres still a shit ton left ha and ill try to get some pics of them soon i keep forgetting to bring a camera when i go out there and i tried moving some females from there to a dif location and weeding out as many males from the hundreds of plants that are out there but i really dont think im gunna win that battle.. so ill just make bubble hash with whatevers not good bud :D win/win situation :hello:
  17. I'm glad you didnt kill the beavers! They used to be everywhere in early America and fur trappers pushed them to the verge of extinction round here. They've made a comeback now obviously, but I'm just a nature freak and dislike senseless killing. I'm all for hunting for food though thats respectable. maybe it's just me, but I call anyone who calls someone a faggot homophobic. it's just as derogatory as a racial slur and is certainly filled with negativity and demeaning intent. I'm not gay I just have family and friends who are so its a touchy subject for me. That sucks a farmer sprayed shit on your plants, bubble hash will be sick though. grow on brotha and dont smoke any of those plants that farmer mighta sprayed :smoking:
  18. haha i wont there like burnt brown idk what happen but oh well so you dont think anythings wrong with the LSD? cuz ik the first round shaped leaves die an thats normal but then theres node with two branches that just have single jagged leaves and there like all the way yellow an dead an then theres another node with the same single jagged leaves an those are turning yellow an dying and idk if thats normal or if theres something wrong with it an i dont want it to keep going up the plant like that :( do i chop them off or does the plant need something?
  19. Sorry your thread got messed up bro !

    If you gotta shoot a beaver then do it, Protect your plants. beavers are plenty in the U.S. People just believe everything they read from the PETA website... :rolleyes:

    I could go to any number of local lakes , ponds or streams and see no less than 20 beavers. They do good things for the environment , making wetlands, habitat etc , But if you gotta shoot a few , your not hurting anything,

    I wont comment on anything else in this thread for fear of stirring up a stupid debate.

    Ill see you in the new thread.


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