My grow is vertically running out of space

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AloeRuss, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. First week of flowering and about a foot left.
    Any advise is apprutiated.
  2. Bend and tie. I use the extra long pipe cleaners.:smoking:
  3. or super cropping
  4. I use garden ties to bend the main shoot over when I get the odd tall one
  5. Do you think a supercrope a week into flowering will be proper?
    Also, since the main colas are the tallest, will they be ok?

    I have trellis on top of my grow and wer able to put some of the colas under the wire. Smaller ones are shooting out immediately though.

    Also, one last but heck of an important questions for me. When can I switch to 1000 on my ballast for my HPS light?

    Thank you
  6. whats it on now? if your running out of room are you sure turning your wattage up will work?
  7. I would turn the light up and hope that the extra light will help limit the stretch a little. Lst as others have said. You should only have another week or two to go.

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