my grow, found and destroyed

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  1. i was using pro-mix pro, ill go check on my other 2 plots, hung deoderant from nylons in trees near that, so if it was animals hopefully they left it alone:devious:
  2. ah damn did you have any bad storms? maybe they got struck by lightning hah but just check em out tom. no worries, if anyone happens to be there for some crazy reason, say you were just takin a nice stroll through the wilderness
  3. CHECKED THE OTHER 2 PLOTS!!! they were undisturbed but very bug chewed, they seem to still be growing well, should i use some sort of pesticide?
  4. No...not just some sort if you plan on smoking it! ;)

    Use the below and spray the hell out of them, everything but you will drop dead immediately!

    And don't wait with doing that!

    Spectracide :: Triazicide Once & Done! Insect Killer RTU - 10525 - 10520


    Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Ready to Use sprays are formulated for broad-spectrum control of insects in home lawns, trees, shrubs, roses, flowers and vegetables.
    • Kills 130+ insect types as listed
    • Kills on contact
    • Protects lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs
    • Ideal for spot treatment
  5. I am wondering this as well, because I have alot of bugs in the woods I am going to use and was thinking of buying some pesticides from the store that are organic or safe to use on mj plants.
  6. thank you, i will do that, unfortunately i cant get any of this till tomorrow or the day after, is there any other methods i can use to fight them in the meantime? theyr gettimg pretty chewed out there


  7. There are...but they're all "half ass" IMHO and experience.

    24 hours 'till tomorrow shouldn't make that much of a difference if they have been fending for themselves for that long by now...

    On edit: When you spray them make sure you get the underside of the leaves as well!
  8. hey Leapfrog, Im assuming youve used this stuff on plants that youve already harvested and smoked right? I have a question. How is it applied? Is there an application method? Pump sprayer? Do I mix it?

    Any info like that?

    I havent seen it. I looked at the store the hardware store its supposed to be sold at but couldnt find it. Similar stuff but not safe for Vegtables.

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