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my grow, found and destroyed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Nucca, Jun 2, 2009.

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    i went to go check on my plants the other day and as i approached my first plot i was extremely disturbed to see that it had been uprooted the dirt all stirred up, one plant was laying sideways in the dirt but unrooted, i didnt see any others in that plot, and i didnt stick around to check my other 2 plots, i literally ran, idk what to think as of now, idk if someone found and took the plants, or just killed them, or destroyed them all,

    any advice? the other 2 plots were much better hidden, but idk if i should try to go check those out or not, im extremely sketched out right now:eek:

    CHECKED THE OTHER 2 PLOTS!!! they were undisturbed but very bug chewed, they seem to still be growing well, should i use some sort of pesticide?

  2. i walked up on a similar massacre earlyer this year but it turned out to be armadillos that fucked em up so if u feel comfortable do a lil research, maybe its not as bad as u thought lol
  3. aye man no way they(cops, rippers, whoever) gonna be there waiting. think of the astronomical chances. id at least go scope it out. take a different way then normal. how far were the other plots from the destroyed one? that is a scary thing to have happen though. good luck hope the other girls are ok. how far along were they?

  4. Usually cops leave 1 plant and a camera behind, follow barry coopers work of advice and NEVER GO BACK!!!
  5. well i havent seen the barry cooper vid in a LONG time so yeah i now retract my statement and agree with fortys lol a single plant left..... and i really trust what barry says soo....

    + rep for the barrys comment, and + rep to nucca cause i feel yo pain bro, ill burn a bowl for ur lost babies...
  6. forty i hear what your saying and it is the 100% safe way to go but in this economy i dont think the pigs got extra spending money for that kind of thing. up to you nucca its your ass.
  7. the pigs would rather bust a grower than help out the children of the community, so they ALWAYS will have money for these things
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    the 3 i checked on were destroyed, there was about 10 more in 2 plot maybe 30 yards away with a tree line between, very well hidden, i managed to lose them one day, still im debating on what to do,

    i was thinking o putting on my ninja suit, complete with mask, and going out around midnight,

    and this really sucks because i was about to have access to a bunch of clones of this really dank bud the dealer is calling white rhino =[ it gives an amazing head high
  9. ps they were about 5 weeks old, check my gallery for last pics, that was taken about a week and a half before they were destroyed

    and thanks for the +rep guys

  10. So only 3 were cut down? It night have just been a deer, those little Fucks ate ALL my plants last year. This year I'm getting back at them, when in season I'm bringing my bow and going hunting

  11. I doubt his plot was raided by ripper though, the cops usually only bust like huge guerilla grows with like 30+ plants. Don't do anymore than 6 per plot and your all good in the hood

    And if your profile picture is you then I must say, your pretty fucking cute
  12. You gotta check out the other 2 plots, how can you not?

  13. Plants just messed about with and thrown around is animals, for sure.
  14. OP any indications/what made you think it was caused by humans?

    Footprints etc.?
  15. If it were me, I'd dress up in something very inconspicuous, and then go check it out. Check it very thoroughly for cameras. If you find any, take them with you and dump them somewhere else, then never go back there again.

  16. exactly. you said you found your plants derooted lying next to where they were? you got a racoon problem probably. if your spot is in a pretty secure location than there is no way rippers or cops would pull or even see your plants just from the size they were. if they were maybe 3 foot+ than ide be worried. quit stressin man and go grow some dank buds:smoke:
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    the reason i assume it was people is because the plants just werent pulled up the plot was concave as if someone os something stood in it and kicked upp all the soil

  18. You still didn't answer my question: Did you find footprints (in the dirt)?
  19. no unless they stepped directly on the plot after i wouldnt have seen any footprints, the way the surrounding ground is you dont leave footprints when you walk
  20. OK thanks.

    You know...I highly doubt it got "destroyed" by humans...if it was someone they would have taken your plants and thrown them away...the whole thing sounds to me like a deer or some other animal taking a "bath" in your plants...

    Take a dog for a walk out there and check out what's going on (with your other plants)...

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