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  1. Here is my current grow. It is one WWxBB from fem'd seed. This is about day 21 for for her. I also have some NLxG13\WW going (It seems the pics are too big to upload, will fix and upload tomorrow) and Great White SharkxHashplant and Purple Widow germinating right now, so thats next on the journal agenda.

    They are in soil under a 400w HPS. Giving them a 1/4 dose of nutes once a week. trying not to do anything major until they let me know.

    It is getting quite smelly now which is good. At least i can smell it while im dry as a bone.....ugh.

    Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

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  2. Lookin good... Ill be watchin this thread..
  3. Everything going good still?
  4. You bet!! She is at 26 days flower now. I will post a pic tonight. She nice and sticky :smoking:
  5. Alright... Ill be watchin..

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