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  1. well its been 2 months since i started and i just switched to 12 hr dark and 12 light cycle last week and its still hard to tell what sex the plants are . i got new pots from walmart that are supposedly hydroponic "water at the bodom" there's a lil slot for it looked kinda neat so i thought id try it ... i still water from the top every other day every night i check it before i sleep because my room temps stay at 95-96 degrees for 12 hrs and then creep back down to 77-80 on dark been consistent been logging my temps

    they do use a ton of water i have to almost water everyday but i think thats cause how warm it gets in that closet ... and mind you this is with the door cracked 1/4 way open

    the seeds are( just bag seed )i thought not to use the ones from the seed bank that i got in the mail a few weeks back ordered bubblelious im in a apt and i dont want to loose my good plants i would start being that people can come in to my apt at any time for what ever made up reason im very carefull till i move out

    my question is how can i judge my plants from male traits from female traits

    i have 5 total 3 i think are female 2 i think are males

    the 2 possible males are stretched and not bushy and verry tall

    the 3 possible females are very bushy and shorter and have lots of new growth off of the main stem and pretty much going crazy

    the lighting im using is

    1 400w mh
    1 t5 florescent setup with one 2700k and one 6000k

    the soil im using all i could find in my area is miracle grow micromax potting soil ... i know im going to have to do a ton of leaching when it comes to budding ;-)

    ill post more picks in a sec when i go back in there its hard to get to . [​IMG]

    Update replaced the bulb and temps went down quite a bit like 15 degrees so i sit at 84 degrees and falling IMG_20120730_213802.jpg




  2. 2 weeks to find out sex... as for the plants.... could be male but maybe not. since its bagseed you dont know what strain so just give it another week and see. :)

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