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  1. This is the first grow box that I've made. It's also my first time growing. So let me know what you think.
    4 x 6500K 23W
    4 x 2700K 23W
    Total Light: 184W
    Temperature: 74-91°F
    Humidity: 20-33%
    Airflow: 5 scrap PC fans
    Dimensions: 2' x 8" x 4'
    Soil: FoxFarm Ocean Forest
    Total Cost: $50
    IMG_20170726_110625~01.jpg IMG_20170726_110556~01.jpg
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    I'd honestly cut the lights on both ends off as they aren't really doing anything but increasing temp. Those 4 bulbs in the middle are fine for now in my opinion. Also you could put all the white bulbs in the center for now and just keep the warm colored bulbs off for at least a couple weeks in my opinion.

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  3. That was just for the picture lol. This is how I actually have it. That same thought occured to me a few days ago so I removed two bulbs. IMG_20170726_130820.jpg
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  4. Looks good! Once the plant goes up past the rim of that cup id recommend getting rid of the bowl underneath it.

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  5. Okay ill be sure to do that thanks. Its just a bag-seed I using to dial in my climate and knowledge while waiting for my females.
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  6. Some DIY reflector around the CFL's to try and shine all the light on the plant would make a worlds difference with CFL don't use aluminum foil or anything like that but maybe some reflective metal or something that you can get creative with idk

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  7. Yeah ill look into that for sure!
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  8. Looks pretty clean , I'd be interested to see where it goes

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  9. Thanks, you can checkout my journal to watch it progress.

    My First Grow Ever! Journal

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