My grow box plans ( rookie)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Legal_Evil, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. My grow plan:
    To grow one plant.
    The height is 14 in 23 inch length and 12 back.
    its fairly small so i dont know if it will work.

    Well i wanted to make a closest grow but i changed my mind into using a 12 x 14 x 23 1/2 inch chest. Its insanely small, i have some of the plans drew up i ll post them and i ll look forward to feed back.

    I need help with placements of the lights and how i can vent it better and clear up any smells or what not.

    Its one seed to try out and then i ll grow again for the summer if this works out so i don't want to blow up a budget just yet and go to the closest. My plans do include the closest but this being my first grow i wanna try to grow one plant before i go out and buy all the expensive stuff.

    I plan on using 2 64w Daylight cfls for veg stage but i don't know exactly where to put them. When it comes to the flowering stage ill update this thread more . The plans are just drawn up and if any pointers or anything i can re draw them or edit anything so please give me all the tips and help you can offer. Thanks

    This is the front view.

    This is my plan for the light then run the cord into a power bar and have only one cord exposed.

    This is the handle part of the box there is one on the other side also. I plan on using one hole to run wires thru and the other one to let air flow.
  2. Just got another idea.

    I can place the whole box inside my closet and remove the lid to give me more hight. but then the lights will throw me off because i wouldn't be able to set it up contently.

    I might just scrap the grow box and set up shop in the cloest, just let me get some advice on the grow box and if it can work or i ll jump in to the closest.
  3. Go with the closet if you can man. Gives you many more options as far as lighting, venting, and plant height.

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