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  1. here are some pics of my grow box. the outside measurements are 25.5x17.5x36.5 and the inside of the box measures 22x15x36. the fan is 85 cfm and i have 9-20 watt fluorescent bulbs in it (5 warm and 4 cool bulbs)...any advice or feedback will be appreciated...
  2. got the pics on disk...but it isn't allowing me to post them...
  3. are they in the right format? only .jpg, .gif, and .png are accepted
  4. yeah, they are jpegs...i was looking and i think they may be too large...
  5. the pics seem too big...hate to do it this way, but if you guys want to see them i can email them to you until i figure out how to post them...
  6. 1 of pohsib's pics

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  7. your just mounting you flouros vertially? none on the top? i hope your planning on haveing them on bot sides of the box then, so you get good uniform bud development. reminds me of this guys thread------>primo pot setup
  8. hj,
    i was considering hanging a compact fluorescent (possibly) hanging from top. also, i was worried about the sides and have thought about turning the plants daily...think that would work...

    hey b, thanks for the help...will get the other two pics soon
  9. hippie john
    iv grown like this a few times, i had a quick look at redlands 1st few posts in that thread and had to laff at how much it looked like 1 of my grows when im skint.

    that wall of light u have there is more than able to grow some dam fine bud, like u say turning the plant will give u good growth all the way down. a cf hangin above it wud top it off just nice, use the brightest 1 u can find, that way the top of the plant will grow towards that and not the wall.
  10. is the 85 cfm fan big/powerful enough for my box? i am gonna use the passive air intake with it (as you will see in my future pics)...
  11. ur room is 6,25 cubed foot. if the fan shifts 85 cube foot a min then that mean if ur intake is up2 the job it shud change the air 13 times a minute or every 5 seconds!

    thats if my math is right. i anit to good at things like that but looking at it id say it was sound.
  12. ok...another ?. should i leave this fan on 24 hours or just on with the lights? i live on the coast of mississippi and it is very humid here. what do you guys think?
  13. all the time wudnt do any harm, u can set it on a timer or therostat if u want tho.
  14. kool...i am gonna try to get my friend to take the pictures over...can't shrink them to fit...
  15. are all those flouros just like single strip lights? wasnt that expensive?
  16. my friends dad had a shop and it had a "going out of business sale". i bought the last 12 lamps he had for 48 bucks...(3 didn't work). then i just bought some bulbs from lowes.
  17. i have ordered some northern light seeds from nirvana. will this be a good plant considering i have only 26 1/2 inches left (pots are 9 1/2 inches tall)? also, will these pots (5 quart) be big enough to use thru harvest?
  18. another....since i only have 26 1/2 inches of vertical grow space, should i veg my plants to 12 inches before putting them under 12/12 or should i put them in flower at maybe 10 inches to make sure i have enough room...?(again, using northern lights)
  19. i usually only let my plants get to 6 or 8" until flowering. but then again, i ScrOG
  20. You could try to scrog verticaly but it would be hard to acess your buds for inspection unless if you make it modular. My advice is to put screws in the walls and tie strings to them to train you plants with. train them something like this. One plant can be used if you want, but your first grow should have 2 because you dont know if there female or not. have you thought of removing 1/2 the lights from one side and move it to the other? If you space the tubes out the light has more of a chance to feflect off the wall and ligt up your box more rather then get cought bouncing between the wall and bulb. also you can put reflectors or shape your wall like reflectors to increase light usage. Your setup would kick if it was like this. even better with a 150w or 70W hps at the top instead of CFLS but 23-42w CFls will do good with all the array of floro tubes.

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