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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TheTsunami, May 12, 2006.

  1. I have 8 lowryder plants sitting out in the sun about 6 days old now and i need a grow box for them and this was my idea i came up with i know it wont produce much bud but all i want is a little personal bud to smoke. i will have 2-3 x 4 foot floros with 2 tubes each and i might throw in a cfl or 2 , plus i have some 3x 2 foot floros with 2x20 watt tubes in each do you thing i might be able to get a ounce or 2 off this thing? I dont want to get a hps because its too much work to deal with heat and electrical bill and parents bitching about using their credit card and such, im just gonna slide this little box below my clothes in my closet and it should work like a charm im hoping. If anyone has any grow journals using floros/cfls please post em here. Maybe that can be my veg box and by the time there done veggin ill get a 150 watt hps and i can set up a flowering chamber or something. that would be tight anyways i will get some pictures soon and if you guys think its a good grow box ill be building it as soon as possible. ill be doing a post probably once a week so stay tuned

    Im a horrible artist but it gets the idea accross, the gray stuff is the scrog the picture only shows the 2 4 foot floros but ill be adding more im sure.

    Ill be happy to answer any questions
  2. I would build it at least a half foot taller. You'll be glad you did.
  3. yeah im thinking of making it 3 foot and just throwing a blanket over it and putting my tv on top of it my parents wont care as long as people that come over don't know about it. Any input?
  4. why not 3.5 then?:)
  5. its just i dont have very much lighting and i dont know if i could light a space that big. but it will def me 3 feet maybe 3.5
  6. he said the strain was lowryder, so i think 3.5 might not be necessary. i have a 2 foot high veg box, and i regret not making it 3 :smoking:
  7. a god lowryder grown to it's potential can easily be over 1.5 feet. You figure a 10 - 1 foot in height for a container in which to grow it and you are in the 2.5 foot zone already. So now you're left with 6 inches to play in. You then need the appropriate lighting and clearance from your plant canopy. Still think 3.5 is too tall? I certainly don't.

    3.5 feet tall should not be a challenge to light. If you only have a small amonut of space between the tops and the light, you also risk not illuminating parts of the peripheral plants.
  8. Then ask them what they think and get their permission. Otherwise don't grow in your parents house.
  9. she has seen the seedlings out in the sun and she asked if it was weed and i said ya and she told me not to let people know about it and she also said no growing it in her flower pots :p

    Update: got 10 new seeds called mist of destruction all are sprouted and gave 2 to a friend to grow in the woods gonna give 2 more away to my friends brother. i'd grow em but they get 10 ft tall so says the site and yeilds 1000g per plant outdoor :smoke:

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