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My grow box design

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AggieSmoker, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. I plan on making a grow box this weekend when I go home. Here is a picture of how i want it to be. It will be made out of plywood, I am gonna caulk all the seals and use foam insulation to seal the door. There will be a 120mm computer fan on the back which in flowering time I will add a filter. I will also paint the inside white. anyways tell me what you guys think and how i could improve my design. Oh yeah I only plan on trying to grow a couple plants at a time. I will have to loacte sim decent seeds because what is growing now I have no clue prob swag. :( I really hope i dont build this whole damn thing for swag. Anyways any help yall can give me will be really appreciated. thanks.
  2. What about dimensions, lights etc?
  3. damn i forgot to include the pic, and I hadnt even smoked yet.

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  4. what happened to my pic some parts are missing,oh well, you get the idea
  5. You might wanna try to have the light hanging down while they flowers are small, cause a light 6 feet away isnt much use to a seedlin, so make some fixings or somethin so ya can adjust the height of the light as the plant grows.

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