my grow box design! pls comment!

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  1. Hi guys . Im almost done my custom built cabinet. The dimensions for my csbit are as follows

    56 in tall
    32 in wide
    15 in deep

    so what im asking for in this post
    1. is some sort of explanation to the different types of grow setups because the only one i even know is SOG.
    2. How many plants i could fit in here growing healthy an close to full growth as possible
    3. i now have 4 150W cfls in now, idk the equvalent though
    4. Proper ventalation. Should i just have two fans inlet an exhaust ?idk ducting?
    5. Should i make a smaller compartment with the space in this design for beginning clones? or just make a smaller grow box for clones, veg etc?
    all the other stuff like nutes an soil i have a pretty good idea already

    Any input appreciated. First timer.!:hello:
  2. 1.SOG is fine... stay with that
    2. 2
    3.not really a question... 100 watts(actual wattage) for the first plant 50 for every plant after that... minimum... more is always more... fan, exhaust only... and a light trapped passive intake(google)
    5. the same size would be good as long as it could fit a aero cloner in say a five gallon bucket... all you have to do then is transplant into your pots for veg, then move to the flower room

    good luck

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