my grow after bout 4 weeks

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  1. Alright well heres the sitution... i germed some bag seeds in mid august, about twelve, and a few fat ones sprouted that were my buddies, and i got mine which appear kinda runty. they had a rough childhood in very small coffee cups with no water ve ntaliation so they were stunted and shocked and started getting very sad and droopy. so i took the initiative about a week ago to put them in new bigger pots with better organic soil, and i got a 100 watt equivalent daylight reflector cft on the left, and the right is a 150 watt equiv. cfl, and a regular fan. Any suggestions on nutes or anything like that are very appreciated, ive read up alot on various posts and stickes but any further assistance would be appreciated. I'm currently on a 24 hr nonstop light cycle and have been from the beginning. should i change it up to 18-6? any hlep greatly appreciatd
    oh and the bottom one is a very wierd guy we were gonna toss but hes a trooper and his name is swirly

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