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    I figured I'd share some pics....because I know I love seeing the others plants....I will keep posting as I take more.....I started all these on April 1st.....they're all in Miracle Grow Organic, with a little bone meal & some organic fish stuff which i can't remember the name of right now. I've had them under the floros the entire time and plan to move them outside after the cold quits freezing things around here. Hope you enjoy the pics....
  2. Lookin healthy there! do you know what strain it happens to be or bagseed? anyways keep us updated
  3. It's hard to see in these pics, but 2 of the seeds are lemon kush....the ones with bamboo sticks in the dirt.....the rest are bagseed .
  4. Hey man lookin pretty good. I got some plants too maybe like a month older. That lady bug probably isnt too good, make sure they arent eating your plants up =p I got some of this organic insecticide (food safe of course) That I sprayed all over my plants and there sitting in my backyard and havent been tampered with even slightly, just throwin it out there as somethin you might wanna look into =p

  5. A ladybug is probably the best thing you could have crawling around your grow.
    The most common species are carnivores and are very beneficial to a grow area

  6. I read the same thing, that's why I left his little ass there. Anyhow, the ladybug hasn't done any damage to this point and he's still hanging out.

  7. Yeah, you'r thread inspired me ..... I rep'd you a few days back. Very nice grow you have going there.
  8. Oh haha thanks man, I apreciate it. My bad on the ladybug... its just my first instinct after taking some horticulture classes that any insect is bad xD Definately gotta do my hw and make sure I get my bugs right xD
  9. nice plants......good luck with your season!
  10. Do you plan on leaving them in those larger buckets for the rest of the grow? Ever consider using bigger pots to possibly increase the outward growth? They are nice long buckets but it'd probably help a few more grams if they were wider

  11. TBH, that's all I can afford this year. I am looking to get some grow bags next year or maybe buying a few rubbermaid trashcans. But for this season it looks like I'm stuck with the 5 gallon buckets.
  12. Got them out of the buckets and into the ground over the weekend....I've got a few babies still to bring up there....



  13. Hey man, lookin pretty good, cool to see you got em out. I like the fence around the premises, I wish I had one as well
  14. Damn bro those are some healthy plants.. Keep it up! :smoke:

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