my Grommet to GonG Conversion.

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  1. Anyone else got these? i cut down a smaller downstem to make my conversion, post up yours so i can get more ideas for friends.
  2. sick little tube!
  3. thanks bro!
  4. Wait I see a grommet and a down stem, you do know that GonG means Glass on Glass right? That means there have to be two separate pieces of glass touching.
    I don't mean to be a dick here but I don't see a GonG in those photos.
  5. its where the glass bowl touches the glass downstem. :rolleyes:
  6. i dont think that technically counts.... but nice bong anyway. i want one like that
  7. either way it gets me high.

  8. Its a downstem converter to make it GonG. And yes it does count google them lol 9.5 OR 12mm to 14.5 or 18.8 downstems.

    like 15 bucks on etsy. Im gonna do it to my gromite bong to.
  9. i want to do this but i just need to get my downstem..
  10. yeah its not full GONG:rolleyes:... but hey neither are some of AK's tubes and his work is absolutely disgustingly classy and heady:smoking::smoking:
  11. hahaha yeah just did a wake n bake to start my day with the anklebiter.
  12. I have the exact same thing on my zong, but I have an 8in diffy on a 11in tube LOL.

    you said you cut yours? I was thinking about doing the same...but how? +rep for help :smoke:
  13. i used fine grit wet dry sand paper to sand down the edges when i cut it. just score the are where you want to cut with a glass cutter (4.95 @ ace hardware) then tap a LITTLE till it breaks and use the wet dry paper to sand down the sharps and there ya go :):smoking:
    if you want ill try to find a cam and show a vid of me doin it.
  14. yeah, because you totally just lost me haha :smoke:

    but I was thinking about taking a piece of string, soaking it in rubbing alcohol, tieing it around the downstem, and then putting it in a bucket of cold water and bending it till it broke.

    but that seems kinda like I'm going to fuck up my :smoke:
  15. get fine grit sanding cord. it works for that and you can make youre own diffy slits. ill try to find some. but sanding it is lengthy but worth it. use fine grit paper.
  16. ^^^ Say whaaa?

  17. fine grit sanding cord? what is that? lol
  18. flexible cord. for sanding &cutting
  19. *waits for video. I will need to do that asoon as mine comes to. Though mines a beaker bottom just a small beaker bottom :D

    Will turn my 8" Kaos into a converted GonG
  20. vids coming, gonna blaze while i wait for the camera to charge:hello:

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