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My grinder is stuck..help!

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by toastytoast, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. #1 toastytoast, Nov 23, 2009
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    EDIT: Nvm got it open!! Yay

    So my 4 piece chromium crusher is stuck, the kief compartment doesnt budge at all and has been stuck for about 2 months now. Im guessing theres a lot of buildup and I really want to get it open.

    A bunch of people have tried opening it with brute force and nothing..

    Heres a pic that might better explain it.
    Parts 3 and 4 are stuck together.


    Also, I do not want to break the screen,

    Tried the biggest pliers I have and they barely get around it and even then cant get it open.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Try to heat up the bottom slightly some how. I don't know if water would be good just in case it gets into the kief. Don't get it hot enough to vaporize the kief.

    Once it's hot, tap it with a wooden spoon around the bottom where it is stuck. Hit it everywhere around the bottom, 360 degrees.

    Should be loose enough now.
  3. or find a big ass pair of channel lock pliers, so you can grab firmly on the kief thing and spin the rest with your hand. if that dont get it off, good luck.
  4. I would let it soak in some iso alcohol, you might loose the kief but at least your grinder will be back to working. You need to clean a grinder just like a bong, or you will get sticky residue built up that will make it hard to turn.
  5. I was trying the channel lock pliers, I had like two of them and tried the biggest one I had, its quite big and still didn't do the job. I couldn't grip around it, could only go from under it if that makes sense.

    Oh also, trying the pliers has scratched it a bit :(
  6. ISO soak and wash, put in salt if needed.
  7. dont soak if you dont wanna lose the keif. if you heat it up it will also burn your keif.

    get a gator grip or some sort of friction based crank (like a timing belt from a car or something that will not slip on contact with the metal).

    pinch the rubber so it holds the grinder without it falling, and try to twist. the leverage should budge it, and if not then scope your local home depot for something.

    you DONT have to open it today, so dont think its a last stand hahah

    best of luck!
  8. NVM got it open!! Used the smallest flat head screwdriver I could find and started wedging in there while hitting with a hammer, did all around then tried opening it with the pliers.

    MMMmmm so much kief :D
    Thanks everyone
  9. put an icecube on the bottom of it till that piece is cold and then try again.
  10. Post pictures!
  11. Yea! :smoking::hello::cool:
  12. You better post some fine pictures of that kief after that hastle...
  13. have the same grinder. i dont like it. but yeah ive gotten it stuck before. doesn;t grind that good.

  14. Really? A lot of people who bought it like it. I was about to buy it until I settled for a two-piece SharpStone since I didn't need (nor want) to collect kief.

    What exactly do you not like about it? What makes it not grind well?
  15. I have a sharpstone that looks just like that..anyway when the thc compartment got stuck i let it soak in some hot water for a few minutes and voila!
  16. Alright, ill get some pics up soon, but as for the grinder I think its great, grinds well, or better than most other grinders Ive used. Only complaint might be that the screen is a little too fine, and buildup takes longer in the crusher than other grinders..
    That being said.. the end result is some pure beautiful kief.
  17. Try this.. get some isopropyl alcohol and pour a little in your grinder, then shake it all around. Pour the alcohol on a shallow plate and allow all the alcohol to evaporate (how long this takes depends on how much you use). Once it's all evaporated, youll have a film of stuff left on the plate, which is concentrated, smokable THC.

    This should get your grinder nice and clean and yield a little bit of iso. hash as well. Hope this helps!


  18. ISO hash is good shit. First get the kief out since it is easier to take it out then than having to scrape the same thing off of a plate.

    This will keep your grinder smoooooth and cleaaaan.
  19. did u cross thread it?

    and i though heat expands stuff.
  20. if heat expands things, what do you think cold does when it causes things to contract?

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