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My greenhouse grow

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by MarijuanaFan, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone. Finally getting back in the flow of growing again. I have this nice unknown strain gorwing at the moment. Definitely Looks Indica for sure to me. I got the seed from some local bud.

    Also. I think I finally know what seeds I will be ordering from Attitude seed bank soon. I am really leaning towards Strawberry cough and Chocolate chunk. I want to cross them 2 together. I know its been done but I want to make my own,LOL. Then I want to get some of Dutch Passions AutoBlueberry and cross the Strawberry cough x Chocolate Chunk with Autoblueberry. Making AutoBlueberry x (Strawberry cough x Chocolate Chunk).

    Heres my greenhouse setups


    Heres my unknown strain.

  2. im subbed dude i actually just got onto the outdoor forum to search for and even make a thread to learn about greenhouse growin, first page i find this :D haha must be on some good karma right now

    looks good from a greenhouse newbs point of view:hello: although you may wanna pull those bad weeds

    btw is it winter or summer for u?
  3. LOL. Yeah, I'm going to have to pull them bad weeds from the good weeds pot, hahahaha.

    Its a mild winter this year. My nights are getting into the 40 and 50's and some nights its gotten into the 30's, but this years winter seems warmer than usual.

    If I am able to eventually make the Autoblueberry x (Strawberry Cough x Chocolate Chunk) I plan on getting Grapegod for my grow and make AutoBlueberry x (Strawberry Cough x Chocolate Chunk) x Grapegod. If I can make some real nice supercross, that would be sweeeeeeeet,LOL.
  4. so how do you keep them warm? do u have a space heater?

  5. I have one of those oil heaters that radiate the heat. It works pretty well for being a very old heater,lol.
  6. it seems to me then that alls you need thats extra from regular growing is a heater and a greenhouse "outdoor" winter growing... would you agree? do you give them any supplemental lighting?

    haha also if im buggin you with these question feel free to ignore or let me know i dont wanna be bothersome

  7. I agree. Its no problem,lol. I'm happy to answer any questions. I dont use any supplemental lighting. Just the good ol Sun. I also grow lots of other plants in my greenhouse to hide my Cannabis plant and soon to be Cannabis plants. I'm lucky that whom I live with doesn't even go in my greenhouse to even check what else I'm growing,LOL.
    He figures I'm just an Exotic plant grower. Perfect cover story eh wouldn't you agree?
  8. indeed and thats awesome dude i would love to have a greenhouse to grow a variety of uncommon plants along with my ganj,,, and mostly its just flat out great that one could still grow 'outdoors' during the winter... now im assuming they grow slower because of the weaker sunlight? and im also a bit confused how you deal with flowering? wouldnt the plant immediately go into it cause its winter?
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    Thats what I thought was going to happen with my one seedling I have growing, but that hasn't happened just yet and it seems to be growing at a nice pace for me so far. Picking up its pace every other day as it gains in size. I'll only let it get like around 2 feet tall. Gotta keep it small. I bet it will start showing some flowering once it gets around 12in tall. I took my shade cloth off of my greenhouses so they dont get too weak of light during the winter, Once the summer hits, I will be placing a mild shade cloth on them for protection so the sun dont burn my Exotic plants and Cannabis plants. It can get real hot in them things in the summer out here where I live.

    If your interested in taking a look at my Exotics I grow alongside my Cannabis, heres a few pics. These are trippy to look at while having a good smoke. These things dont even look like they are from this Earth,LOL.




  10. very cool stuff dude i like the pichers of the pitchers ;) do you have any of those predatory plants with the branches covered in scented sticky trichomes (i think they are trichomes) to catch bugs? those are pretty trippy to look at too

    i think im gonna do it, gonna build me a greenhouse! haha im done with finals on thursday and ive been waiting for that so i can start building a beehive, i think this will be another great project in the 4 weeks ive got off:D haha
  11. lol. Your thinking of Drosera(Sundews):D. I have some of those. Mainly the Pygmy Dews and afew forked leaf dews. I will be germinating some D Capensis seeds as well. Those things are definitely very trippy to look at. Especially when their Tentacles with the sticky dew tips wrap around their prey. I wish they were Trichomes,LOL. I'd be smoking some of that,LOL. I grow alot of my Pygmy dews in a nice mixed pot with my Cephalotus and VFT's. Gonna me a Stoners paradise in there in a few months,LOL.

    If you have the room for a greenhouse, I say go for it. Its very fun and rewarding for sure.
  12. well if i do do it i will definitely let you know
    see ya round and gl with this grow :smoke:
  13. Sweeeet!! definitely keep me posted. I will be adding new pics here in the next few days when my Cannabis plant gets some more size to it.

    Thanks and good luck for when you start your greenhouse grow as well.
  14. that last pic looks like some kind of crazy alien sex organ. kinda gross really :p

    ever see the movie "teeth"?

    good luck with the grow mate, ill be watching.

  15. LOL. Haven't seen that movie before. I've actually never heard of it. Whats it about?

    Thanks. I'll be taking some new updated pics soon in like the next week.

  16. Heres some new pics of my unknown Indica



  17. She's beautiful
  18. Wow nice! I love the exotics too. Subbed:wave:
  19. Thanks. I hope its a she,LOL. I have like 8 or 10 small branches getting ready to form on this plant from the internodes. I'll be topping this plant off at around a foot and a half tall. I want atleast 20 branches to form on this plant.

    Oh I also decided to finally put in an order with The Attitude seed bank. I am getting a few single seeds from them. All feminized.

    Island Sweet Skunk
    BC Early Blueberry
    Tangerine Dream

    I like the freebies they will be sending me.

    Power Skunk and La Blanca. I'll be adding some new pics in the next few days to a week or so of this unknown Indica.

    Happy Holidays :smoke:
  20. Thanks. I'm really glad you like them. I cant wait to get some awesome huge Cannabis plants growing in the mix with my Exotics. I'll be keep you and everyone here posted.

    Happy holidays :smoke:

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