My GREATEST Graphic Design thus far!!!!

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  1. So I have only worked on this in school for about a half and hour or so each day. I'm a senior at highschool and for my graphics class we have to design a concert poster for a specific band.

    I chose STS9 (sound tribe sector 9)
    And here is what I creat
    ed.. I amazed myself with this work and I'm very proud of it :).


  2. Nice dude, looks good. I don't think I would write "Ready. Set. Rave."... But hey thats me.
  3. Damnnnnn that is sick. What image manipulation program did you use? PS?

  4. Thanks man! Yeaa I've been using photoshop for a few years now. I'm not much of a fan of illustrator, unless I need to create vector based things such as logos at what not.
  5. Yea I've been using PS for about a year. Off and on though, I usually just make clan logos for Gamebattles teams.
  6. It's good for learning from a high school class like that, but it is a bit cluttered towards the top half; I guess you could call it "too busy". Try cleaning it up a bit and it could look pretty damn cool.
  7. True, the top is just a lil bit crowded.

  8. I didn't learn any of this from the class actually.

    but thank you for the advice!
  9. CLeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ! Do you have more work like that submitted?! I wouldnt mind seeing more of your art like that with out the advertisements yea dig? Just like the trippy metal looking spacey shit LoL! Good work !
  10. neff,

    nicely done! you have a good eye.

    suggestions (not that you asked) offered with respect.
    1.on ready set rave, tighten the kerning between the A and V of rave, it should feel like the same spacing between letters, you might even have some ligatures available for the A & V

    2.give your work some space, and even space between the edge of the page and text will give it a finished look and allow for some shifting on the printer. Just about two of the lines at the bottom would do it. Be consistent all the way around unless specifically for effect. the viewer will find comfort in the order. (never underestimate the power of the dark vignette).

    3. behind light colored text, it helps to put a layer mask behind the text and subtly darken (10-20%) the area so the text Pops.

    4. The charcoal colored logo, cs? in the middle, if it is not necessary, I would lose it or move it to a back layer or use it as a mask. it distracts. remember: if it doesn't add it distracts.
    5. those diagonal lines are powerful elements, be sure to use them to manipulate the eye and give you the rhythm you are seeking.

    6. there is a book called Pantone: A Guide to Communicating with Color. Probably $12 online or at half price books. I've been an art director/studio manager for twenty years, I use it every time I design.

    Good luck to you!

  11. Hey thanks alot for all of the advice, I really appreciate it and I will try to encorporate these into my poster if I can... but do you by any chance have any oppourtunites for freelancing jobs or part time works I would be able to do?I've been trying to do freelance work or start up a small little graphic design bussiness of my own, but I'm not sure how or where to start.
  12. Looks good man!
  13. That's pretty damn good, my only suggestion would be take all the background/abstract layers, copy merged, paste, set that pasted layer to soft light, then do about a 3 or 4 pixel Gaussien blur.

    Adds a nice effect, almost a dream like quality.
  14. I've always done this in the past, But usually when adding this it causes some pixelation. And blurred things that are suppose to be more sharp.
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  16. I am a senior graphic design major in collage and i am taken back by this design. It looks great man. If you are in high school, then we designers have some stiff competition. Very nice... you did THE WHOLE POSTER IN PS? OR did you use illustrator for the type and what-not???
  17. Very nice! I can see why you are proud. Have you considered this as your chosen career path? If not, you should!

  18. Thank you:) I actually am 80% sure this is going to be my choice of career.

    Thank you for your kind words, and I did not do any of the text in illustrator actually.I learned a trick and that is if you convert your text layers into shape layers, then it will vectorize the text causing no pixealtion. My teacher asked the same thing, and she was suprised I knew this, and she knew I was right. But she was a little upset due to the fact we are suppose to be learning illustrator as well.
  19. Neff,
    I am retired now, but the best way to gain experience and make some money, is to register with Aquent (MacTemps) and Art Squad (Imrimis). They are in most major cities and there are others that are local. These companies operate as agents for freelancers. On paper they are your employer, which is nice for the credit rating, but you only accept work when your are ready for work. All levels of experience. They even offer free classes and turorials to get you up to speed on certain software.

    To get ready for them, get your work together and create a slide show or pdf containing your work. Flash, powerpoint, keynote, Photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign these will get you some work. The agent can help you with all of that, remember you are an asset to them so they want to get you work.

    Be sure to go to college, even community and get your associates degree at the least. It makes a difference. It is possible to go to school while working freelance through the agent, just be upfront about your schedule.

    Another good place to get started, especially when in school, is Kinkos or Alpha Graphics. They don't pay much, but the hours are steady and you are exposed to printing and layout services. Not a career destination but good on the resumé when you are ready to apply to that big ad agency in town.

  20. Is Aquent and Art Squad avaliable online? Or would I need to drive and report in and do work there? I much prefer to do work in my own working area such as my room, and I would love to work from my house.

    If so then thank you so much for the suggestions, and I will take everything you have said into consideration.

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