My Great Uncle Just Died, But...

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    ...He left an inheritance of £54,000 behind to me, my Mam, Dad and brother. We've been struggling financially for the best part of 10 years now, nearly been on the streets for not physically being able to pay rent. We work every day of our lives, and this can clear off all of our debts and whatnot. Dunno why I'm sharing this, it's just a HUGE weight off our shoulders. Finally it seems we might be able to live happily.
    This next joints to you Uncle Ernie, may you rest in peace. I'll miss you and remember you for the rest of my life, and will make sure I make you and my Grandads proud! You had a heart of gold!
    EDIT: Thank you so much for all the support and well-wishes. I love you blades sometimes, you know that? :gc_rocks:

  2. sounds like he wasn't your wicked uncle ernie eh?
    thats good anyway.
  3. Definitely not wicked, no. Didn't see him as much as I wanted to, but I'll remember him as a really loving guy.
  4. That's awesome man! Enjoy.
  5. oprah sheds a tear in loving memory of uncle ernie

  6. Very nice man, very nice. But keep working your ass off everday and save some money up so you never have to be in that situation ever again.
  7. Pretty awesome, yeah. We were worried about paying for his funeral originally, now we don't have to worry about money whatsoever, never-mind his funeral. 
    Tell Oprah I appreciate it, considering you seem to have connections with her haha.
  8. That's the plan my man. We're not gonna get lazy just because we've got some cash.
    Thanks for the response :)
  9. Goodshit man! Just because there are a lot of story's where people get this money and fix their problems and stop doin what they did to try to fix em. But goodshit man! I dont know the exact exchange rate but that's some good money.

    Here's to you and your uncle Ernie. :smoking:
  10. Good for you dude, I'm glad that worked out :). Hope you can use this $ to really get ahead.
  11. I nominate you & your family for "Winners of the Day"!
  12. It's good that you're doing something smart with the money, It's a shame to see people who waste inheritance cash (For example people who spend it all down the pub's) as it should be money that improves the family's life not wasted :) 
  13. How much is that in U.S $?
    Lots. I think the exhange is over double!? Maybe i dont know what im talking about 
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    It's roughly 150% the value of the dollar. Current exchange puts it right under 100k. $97,094 in actual dollars. Minus inheritance taxes and such, I'd guess around $60,000 in US dollars.
    Edit: I'm actually not sure if the UK has an inheritance tax. I know when my grandma died we paid out about 300k through the whole family (only me and my cousins receive any inheritance) on around a 1.9m dollar estate.
  16. sorry for your loss. that was very cool of him.
  17. Awesome dude, happy for you.

  18. I'm glad he was looking out for your family.
    Appreciate all the replies, and people showing their respects definitely made me smile. Me, my parents and my girl used a tiny bit of the money to drive up to Scotland for a short weekend away from everything. We found an extra £400 in his wallet not long ago.. He really cared for us, left us everything. Funerals been payed for, and it's happening on Thursday. Gonna be having a glass of Gin and orange in his honour that day, his favorite drink. Again though, thanks for the replies guys  :D

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