My grass yo!

Discussion in 'General' started by Feelin Light, May 7, 2011.

  1. :D my actually grass..

    so i hate mowing my lawn and it always looks like shit, but tbh i dont care its a rental so yeah...

    usually i try to mow the lawn the least i can like once every month or even 2 months :hello:

    but my neighbors are like lawn freaks...i swear every weekend there fucken mowing that shit, just to make me feel bad and i cant even go outside cause i dont want to talk to them...

    one of my neighbor has people mow it for them, but hes still crazy about it, and our lawns meet so its like nice ass grass and then my weedy piece of shit...

    just my thoughts since im hearing my neighbors mow there lawn right now !!!

  2. I like the pic @ the bottom.
  3. yeah me too, shes hot :p
  4. dont be lazy and do it. :D please yourself to some herb after you mow the lawn.
  5. I love nothing more than firing up a joint and mowing the grass. Idc how rich or how poor i am one day i will always mow my own grass. Love the smell of it when it's freshly cut and how chill it is to sit on the mower, listen to my ipod, get stoned as fuck and relax under under the summer sun.

    That's what i miss most over winter :(
  6. Can I recommend a flamethrower?
  7. its just not fun for me at all...i cant even hear my ipod against the mower i tried that once...also my neighbors are huge pricks..ive gotten notes on my car and evil stares for parkin in "thier" spot...

    i do like the flamethrower idea hahaha shit would be so funny

  8. Eh screw your neighbours . I say do what you want and enjoy your un american dream lawn . Unless it does bother you at a certain level then there is no harm in a nice lawn . Nice for summer
  9. My neighbors are worse than yours. I fucking hate them.

    If the grass grows an eight inch they have to bust out their obnoxiously loud mower that shakes my house and do the whole big ass yard.

    Mid summer their yard starts getting big dirt patches because they mow so much but they just keep on mowing 2-3 times a week.
    There's seriously something wrong with these people.
  10. I've never mowed the lawn in my life. I bribe a guy I know to come do it for 4 cans of beer.

    Suits me just fine.

    The rest of the gardening I do myself though...I love planting flowers and bushes etc. and watching them grow.
  11. I mow my yard every weekend, and it still looks like shit.

    Wtf? Once every month or 2? How slow does grass grow there? lol. Here if you wait a month or 2 to mow it you wouldn't be able to take 3 steps without it getting clogged.
  12. My younger brother moved in with me last summer and is living with me until after college.

    Needless to say, I haven't cut grass since last summer. :D
  13. i get stoned and then pretend to be a race car driver and try to mow my lawn as fast as possible while making engine and shifter noises.

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