My Grapes. Should I Be Worried

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  1. Might be hard to make out. The lower leaves are big and flat and look healthy.

    But the newer leaves are wrinkly and the buds look like they are turning brown. They are also cupped up a little.

    My book said psyllids or irregular watering. I dont think its psyllids.

    I staryed giving it daily water i wont die. Its supposed to be watered weakly not daily though

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  2. No one grows grapes?

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  3. I just started my first 2 vines this year about 2 weeks ago they went into the ground and they look great!
    I read that they like we'll draining aerated fertile soil and lots of water so start your diagnoses there, how's the soil?
  4. Used organic potting soil.

    Only thing i can think is the heat. Not lookin good right now :(

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  5. Looks like too much sun or too much water. Never grown grapes before...what kind of soil are you using?
  6. Sorry I didn't see your post above about the organic it neutral in pH or more acidic or alkaline? Have you tested the pH of your soil?
  7. I just love my grapes, you failed to mention what strain you your condition, just check the Ph of the soil from the water run off, use Pool Ph strips, $5.00 from your local drug store, try to ge the Ph with in range of 6.2 - 6.7 at most
  8. what kind of grapes are they?
  9. I havnt tested it. But it advertised for tomatos and such so im guessing acidic?

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  10. Not a clue. I saw it at home depot and decided to try to grow it

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  11. Ill.update when i test the ph. Thanks for the replies.

    Im assuming its the climate though.

    110 dry heat. Most of my plants died.

    My favorite yellow grape tomatos seem to like the heat though so its not a total loss

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  12. oh yes, it is definitely the climate. grapes like cooler want to stay below 100 F
    grapes are very picky when it comes to climate. just like how there has never been such thing as a fine english wine.
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    Thanks. I figured that might be the cause. Most of my plants died in the last month.

    Carrots doing bad. Tomatos doing okish.

    Potatos dead.
    Borrage not so great.
    Onions dead
    Squash is doing great!

    My favorute yellow cheery tomatos are doing fine though ^_^

    I water every day and its not enough
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  14. Maybe you should start over with a thick 6" layer of woodchip mulch on top of your soil this time...the blanket will insulate soil and lock in moisture so it isn't lost to evaporation...the temp can hit 100+ but soil temp will remain much lower making transportation more efficient...imagine how YOU feel when you chug 500ml of cold water on a blazing hot day...same shit man!
  15. Thanks for the advise man.

    Im thibking.of adding clay too.

    After evaporation and drainage they drie up fast.

    Clay on bottom. Organic soil. And woodchips on top.

    We will see

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  16. I don't know if you're interested or not but I learned alot about permaculture gardening info from this one video.
    Go to scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the free video.
    The guys a blessed man ill tell ya that much...I never saw so many apples on a single branch ever before this video...enjoy

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