My Grandpa's A Pothead.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chexican, May 11, 2011.

  1. Well one day, I'm at my Grandma's house and I have my homie over. I tell her I'm going over to the park by her house and then me and my friend go halfway across town to my dealer's house to buy some dank ass weed and get high.

    I come back to my Grandma's not too long after that, and I remember riding in the car with my grandpa. He kept sniffing and sighing, saying how I remind him of the "good old days." Next thing I know, I get out of the car, and I didn't think anything of it, till my Homes goes, "Your Grandpa's blazed.."

    Haha, I know that ***** smokes for sure now, I asked him the other day and he was truthful with me and told me he used to, he also said "I don't anymore though," then just winked.
  2. That's whats up dude you should definitely smoke your gramps up!
  3. Smoke with him and make another thread.
  4. Smoking with your grandpa would fun ass hell. He would tell you stories/lesson about life and then buy both of yall some food.
  5. Right on! Your grandpa should match my grandpa's! :)

    My moms dad rolls joints and smokes them everywhere, he even smoked in the old country buffet I'm not even joking. He thinks he's fooling people but every one knows what he's doing!

    My dads dad grows weed :)

    I love them both!!
  6. only to reiterate what other blades have said.

    smoke with your gramps. he's old. just show him some dank and get the sesh rollin' how many times do you have the chance to smoke with the man who jizzed your father into this worldd?
  7. Bro like everyone in my family smokes weed. My grandpa and grandma. Both sides. All three of my aunts. Both of my uncles. My sister and my brother. My dad. My cousins. I don't know very many family members of mine who dont smoke. Cant think of any except one of my sisters.
  8. You know how basically when you get older how you start to slow down? I wonder if the elderly get higher than normal because of this...

  9. Let's hope so!
  10. this thread is nothing but win.

    i would give lots to smoke with my grandpa.
  11. I wish that my parents/grandparents were stoners:/ would be much easier in many ways...
  12. First post and nobody calls nans? Pic of you with grandpa as he hits a bong while you hold up a grasscity sign or you are a fucking liar op

  13. I'm sensing some hostility brooo

  14. Umad?

  15. Lolwut?
    Sike, no this isn't even my post haha. I was just playing BRO.
  16. Click that first link in my sig . Sit Gramps down in front of the screen. Tell him to read just the titles. I bet he won't even make it through the "C"s before he asks you for a hookup! :smoke: (Wouldn't hurt you to read the titles first before you show Gramps!)

    Granny :wave:
  17. new goal in life: smoke with grandkids :smoking:
  18. That's awesome. My gramps smoked too before he passed and my dad is a Republican stoner.
  19. I think mine was too. I remember when I was 7 and he died, my grandma found weed in his gun cabinet and flushed it down the toilet.
  20. I'd have as many seshes as I could with the old man!!

    Seriously man! Before his time ends, chill with him at least once a week, just watch tv, and talk and smoke, maybe buy some beers, Old people are very lonely and love spending time with family, I'm sure it would make him very happy. Please do it! :)

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