My Grandpa died

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  1. If you can't handle some under the Belt Jokes, stop reading now and look at some other stuff.


    So, my Grandpa died in 1944 in the Auschwitz Camp. You know where the Nazi's killed all the Jews.
    His Buddy's told him that his actions will kill him one Day, but he didn't listened.
    So one Day after he did his thing again, he fell drunk of the Guard Tower..............
  2. I thought you were going to tell a funny joke
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  3. Well, there is Funny and then there is Funny.......
  4. When I die, I want to go quietly in my sleep, just like Grandpa.

    Not screaming in terror, like the passengers on his bus.
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  5. My grandfather manned an AA gun in WW2.
  6. Spam bot?
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  7. I know funny & this is not it. Was it funny 80 years ago?
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  8. Still trying to figure out if this was a joke or not and what the punchline was? Hopefully one of the spam bots can enlighten me.
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    :lmafoe:.... i would suggest , Y'all go in the basement for laughing.
  10. No, your joke just sucks. That's all there is to it lol.

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  11. pleaseeee im begging you...

    explain the jokeeeeeee
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  12. As far as I am getting at... he tried to claim his grandpa died at that Nazi camp, making people assume he was Jewish. Rather his grandpa was a clutz of a drunk Nazi and fell off a guard tower and died.

    Hahahahaha... Yeah fucking stupid...

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  13. you know what they say, the best jokes are the ones that need

    I get it now though! thanks
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  14. No one was forced to read. You guys decide to read. Even after you where reading the warning, you where to fucking nosy ....and then you
  15. well that escalated quickly....

    HoOked on Ph0nIcS worked for me
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  16. What's funny is you R the only 1 laughing, more sad/pathetic than funny actually :confused_2: We have hit rock bottom comedically.
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  17. You guys are cracking me up.......that shit is old and today you start to bitch.........are you guys unemployed?
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  18. I think a bunch of people are laughing at YOU. I personally don't give a shit if someone laugh about me or does not laugh about my Jokes.
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  19. No one was offended by the joke like you are assuming. I personally don't give a shit. It was just a shitty joke that wasn't humourous, that simple. Don't be mad your delivery sucked.

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