my grandmother wants me to go treat my "cannabis addiction"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by just_a_girl, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. .. when my parents found out i was smokin, they told everybody i think.
    So i was sittin at my grandmothers talkin to her when she out of nowhere asked:"so, what was that with you and marijuana?" i was like wtf .. i said "what? it's not like i was doin heroin" .. then she killed me with "it all starts with this!!" and i started laughing. she gave me a book about a boy who was doin opiates and then pervitin (it wasn't illegal in here till 1988 i think) .. a quite good book. and today she told me "don't you wanna go to a center with me?" and i was like "what center?" .. "you know .. center" "like drug detox center?" "well .. something like that" .. i stared laughing again, but she was all serious like i was an addict and she wants me to go on a teraphy or a drug treatment. didn't know what to say ..

    anyway ... :bongin:

  2. Is she like a senial *SP old lady or just a regular old lady?...... make here some marijuana Tea it might help her with her glocoma, or arthritis or something. or just tell your grandmother not to be silly. Tell her were not in the 1930's anymore and idk i'm stoned good luck.
  3. Maybe you should bake some brownies and play homemaker lol once she starts feelin' it and the comedown doesn't have her in fits of rage like a crack/heroin addict she'll see the light

    The laughing probably makes her think you're avoiding your 'problem' if you just speak to her about it without something she takes as insecurity (denial) on the topic she may wake up and realize you're not about to go become a whore to support a fun loving relaxed pot 'habit'

    great signature thats every stoners idea of heaven
  4. BLARNEYSTONES: well she's about 56 years old so not so old, not senile

    Ars moriendi: u know, but it just made me laugh .. what would u do if someone was tellin u u'r having a serious problem with mj? :smoke:
    and btw. thanks .. it's from the movie Human Traffic .. yeah, heaven ..
  5. i think i would have probably laughed too..ADD: damn only 56? haha my mom is 60 and dad is 52 haha....i dont think i was supposed to happen

    my parents would be the same way i think if they found out, tell EVERYONE in the damn family. it isnt even my parents i worry about, its my sister, she would go NUTS if she knew i smoked....i wish people knew it wasnt as bad as it is made out to be

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