My grandmas ghost?

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  1. I went into my room to get ready for bed. I had a really weird feeling, I cant really describe it. But anyhow, as i was going about my buisness my grandmas porcilin clock suddenly started ticking. This clock was an old broken wind up clock from the 1960s and it hadnt worked since my grandma died in 1995. At first i was kinda freaked out, but i figured maybe i bumped it or something and knocked something loose and made it start ticking for some weird reason. But just to be compleatly positive i said out loud "grandma if your hear with me right now make your clock tick until i fall asleep." i layed in my bed for 3 hours or more listening to the concistant ticking comming from the corner of my room, then i finally fell asleep. When i woke up the next morning i went right over to the clock, which wasnt ticking anymore. I shook it around a bit and tried everything i could to make it start ticking again. But all i heard was the few loose parts rattling around inside the clock. It hasn't ticked at all since, but still to this day i don't know what to think. It was quite weird, maybe it really was my grandma...
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  2. probably your heart beating bro
  3. OP where you from? Sound like some louisiana shit! Weird shit happens here!
  4. thats because of all of the fucking voodoo
    had to live in the same house as a voodoo priestest and had shit fucking with me in my sleep until i complained to her and she did some crazy awesome stuff and fixed it
  5. im from california, san bernardino mnts...
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    Oh ok. Sound like some shitt that would happpen down here. Do you believe in ghost and shit thou?
  7. Cold smelly ghost poop

  8. Maybe she was the one fucking with you in your sleep?
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    I meant "do you believe in ghost and shit" hahaha
  10. yeah, i guess. I used to live in a house that had a ghost. i wouldnt call the house haunted but it used to mess with us all the time by turning things on and off, taking things and putting them in different spots, throwing things, and making noises. Until then i didnt believe in ghosts, but now i do since i saw for myself. luckly we dont live in that house anymore. and no, the clock thing happened in a different house, not that one. Thats the crazy thing about it.
  11. ...well what you should have said is "Grandma, if you can hear me, you will make the clock stop ticking" and if you feel that isn't enough, add more stipulants such as "then wait five seconds and start ticking again until I go to sleep."

    otherwise I wouldn't exactly believe it.
  12. Funny how all the ghost stories come from people who are already convinced they exist.

    Could be though. I can't say that it wasn't her. Interesting experience for sure:smoke:
  13. possibly, id wake up locked down arms at my sides inhaling through my nose growling through my mouth at the same exact time and shit. it was terrifying lol try passing out after a bowl or 2 and waking up to that.
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    Wait did that happen to you before? That shit happens to me alot...its called the devil riding your back! The shit is real!! I hate when it happens to me though. I think im going to hell :/

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