My Government vs Marijuana Theory

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    What's up Blades, haven't posted a thread in a long ass time.

    But I just had a sudden thought. I don't know why this thought popped up in my head. I wasn't thinking anything about this topic preceding my thought. So where did it come from? :confused_2:

    I like the way my man Joe Rogan put it.....humans are like little antennas receiving the infinite information from the cosmos.

    But here was my original thought, don't know why I thought of it. I honestly don't even think it was me who the thought there :smoke:

    Our government will never legalize marijuana, because they want people to die

    Now I'm not saying our entire U.S. government. But the top power elite. They are trying to reduce our population sizes dramatically. And legalizing marijuana would only hurt them, because marijuana would increase our population totals.

    Again, I have no idea why this popped in my head, I was just reading a no related book and this random thought occurred. But that got me to stop reading my book and think about this. If marijuana was legal, there would be mass advertisement for it. Many people will consume less cigarettes and alcohol now that they can get ahold of weed legally, knowing there safe with it, and it's safe. On a side note**It makes me sick to see all these happy happy joy joy Coors light and Miller light commercial, everyone is having a great time. Yet it's one of the highest reasons for casualty**

    With less people buying/consuming cigarettes & alcohol, the average death rate would decrease. Not what the government wants....

    Another note which I find hilarious/sick.....**Do you guys know you FUNDS these ANTI-WEED commercials???....These commercials saying marijuana is the worst thing is the world? The Beer and Cigarette industries. Who together kill the the most people in the United States. Founded by our U.S. government.

    Another reason I thought about, that backs up my theory is our government runs our prescription drugs in this country. Marijuana would eliminate sooo many of these phony precipitations drugs. Which we have nooo idea what is inside. They could be damaging us internally and altering our DNA. Who fucking knows. Except out government. All I know is many, many many many people die from this "medicine".

    But no no no no, marijuana will just probably cause more casualty


    Annual Death Rates:
    Tobacco : 435,000

    Alcohol : 85,000

    Prescription Drugs : 32,000

    Aspirin : 7,600

    Marijuana : 0

    lol but seriously I'm a sociologist, and I think this theory could make a hell of a paper. Thoughts please? I know many of you who are 'awake' have known this for awhile ;) But those of you who haven't thought of this.....Am i crazy?!? :D
    Marijuana will never become

    Our government will never legalize marijuana, because they want people to die
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    I would go with intuition. The unconscious part of the mind is very active so you can be piecing together a thought without consciously thinking about it. Anyway, I would say that the complex beast of the U.S.corporatocracy keeps marijuana illegal, not because they want people to die, but because of powerful lobbying of the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries and the fact marijuana makes one more open minded.
  3. Wanting people to die, is somewhat sarcastic when I said that.

    Our government wouldn't want a higher increase in the population.

    And I believe legalizing marijuana would have an impact on our population totals. Where the cigarettes and alcohol benefit our population totals decreasing.

    I don't know, I just feel like the government has an idea on this :confused_2::ey:
  4. I really hope your wrong.,, but you make a good argument about it. :confused_2:
  5. I think we're over analyzing the question here. What if the government allowed tobacco and alcohol to be supplied to the population just because of tradition (westerners love to smoke and drink)? What if the government allowed these social intoxicants to be used because it thinks people should be able to choose their drug (accepted by the gov. of course) of choice freely? Or just because those industries make lots of money?

    Don't search for complexity when the answer could be simpler.

    Occam's razor anyone?

    But yea, its interesting to ponder on the thought that governments use dangerous killer drugs as a method of population control.
  6. Check out "Run from the cure - the Steve Simpson story" on youtube.
    Marijuana cures cancer. Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest industry. They would lose a shit load of money if people could cure themselves by growing a plant. You can not copyright a plant, can you?

    Yes, the anti-MJ ads are all paid by drinks companies. From their perspective it is much better to have a nation of drunks rather than a nation of thinkers.

    Wanting people to die? Well...yes. That's part of the human population reduction plans they have. First they have to squeeze us for every penny and energy we have, then they can throw us in the pile.

    Cannabis tincture used to be a common remedy just 60 years ago, not anymore. 50% of us will get cancer in our lifetimes, this is because of chemicals like Aspartame.
  7. Three big industries that will lose money by cannabis being legal:

    -Tobacco industry
    -Pharmaceutical industry
    -Alcohol industry

    Those industries have an enormous power to influence many sectors of society. They can keep marijuana illegal just by dropping some millions into the hands of corrupt, conservative, ignorant lawmakers. I can also see the Oil industry complaining (hemp as an alternative source of fuel, anyone?) and perhaps the Pulp and paper industry competing with hemp as a source of cellulose, etc.

    Considering all that, its easy to see why many want to keep cannabis illegal. Remember, most people in the government have private agendas. But in the end, its all about the people's wishes. We need to stand up for our rights if we want them noticed and respected. We have to be the change we want to see in the world. And it all starts inside each one of us.
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    Great post

    " First they have to squeeze us for every penny and energy we have, then they can throw us in the pile."---haha awesome! I've been telling my parents this for years.
  9. Or the government sees that weed makes people happy. When the government really wants you to be materialistic in what makes you happy because huge corporations sell all those products to you. Then use your money to lobby the government and influence your children through the media to become dependent on material possessions for happiness.

    the government is pro materialism.

    There's my conspiracy theory for the day :smoking:
  10. No I disagree. It makes people think for themselves and become less of a follower. They want control the collective consciousness, and psychedelics induce deep thinking. Pot, shrooms, and LSD will never kill anyone but it's dangerous to a government who wants to control how their population perceives reality.

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