My Gorilla Seed Bank Experience

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  1. I'd like to start by saying Gorilla Bank customer service seems to have made a turn around by the time I placed my order based on prior threads I've read. I'm newer to the community, and thought I'd just try this thing out as an experiment.

    To begin my review I'll just start from the point in time once my order had posted. On March 26th, I received an email stating that my order was paid. On April 12th, I received an email from the Gorilla stating that the Auto purple seeds I requested weren't in stock. The rep advised me that they could be replaced with an "upgrade" which in my opinion seemed to be a fair trade off at first glance. I was given Blue Treacle in place of my sativa strand seeds. With hopes that my order processing would be moved forward I authorized the swap. Once the swap was complete boom, my order was out the door.

    Within 24 hrs I was able to start tracking my little blades of glory. The "waiting game" with customs began. I like to play thee odds, and consider myself a more patient customer at times so I waited for some action. Sure enough six days later on April 22nd the package arrived. However, it had been swallowed by the "green tape monster" with a nice little note inside stating it ate my goodies.(hehe) Ironically letter is dated from customs on April 20th, ha ha. Can't win them all, nor can I blame the Gorilla for this. I guess timing didn't work in my favor.

    I opted for the upgraded shipping, and some reviews say the seeds were removed n other goodies left. In my case all that my package contained was the letter. I waited til Monday to contact customer service. Left a voicemail using the US number and Gavin got back to me around lunch time. Discussed emailing proofs which were submitted, and he advised that I should hear back within 72 hours. Sure enough within six hours someone was emailing me back. I must say Gorilla that throughly impressed me, given the profession I imagined some dude who never sleeps like me up waking n baking. By this morning I received an email saying my replacement order is on the way! :D I hope my babies make it this time! Lol

    Overall I'd have to give the Gorilla a 4/5
    With that being said, I'll continue to provide an update on my Gorilla journey.
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  2. Update beanie babies made it through customs this time in just a day, shocked! Should arrive in the next day or so, fingers crossed! :D
  3. It happens, thanks for the review so far.
  4. No doubt, I feel like a real opinion is owed to the community!
  5. :smoking-rapper:Pretty stoked! Post man tried to deliver my package while at work!(WTF) Patiently waiting for the post office to open to see if it's empty, hehe! They arrived in six days for those of you following this journey. I'll post tomorrow with my final opinion. Happy toking!
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  6. Checked today and all my goodies were there. Freebie for Vanilla Kush wasn't applied or may have run out (idk). However, can't whine about freebies. Why, because they're free! Overall, nice presentation. However, don't know if I'd use them again. Just due to so many options being available. Think I may give a US bank a try. Anywho hope this helps some of you! Happy toking!

    P.S. I'd recommend only ordering in small quantities. IMO are more stealthier.
  7. How many did you order, if you don't mind me asking? I ordered 10 not including the freebies. Hope they make it. Lol
  8. They should make it fine! Hopefully your babies get to stay in their original packaging. Did you add stealth?
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    Yes sir! Sure did add stealth! I received an email from them today with tracking info!! So pumped! Hopefully it gets here soon!
  10. Nice! As a tip when discussing banks just say the service! Remove mention of how they may send items! I'm on the west coast n they zipped right to me! Good luck!:passing-joint:
  11. Done and done! Thanks bro! * puff puff pass! :pimp:
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  12. Have been tracking my package and they arrived to my local post office today! Should be delivered Monday or Tuesday at the latest! It's safe to say they're pretty legit!
  13. Yesss sirrrrr! I was thoroughly impressed....I'm a Noob so I've got some dank bag ones running right now..Can't wait to pop some of those babies in once these finish up!
  14. Nice!! Happy growing bro! I'm starting soon!:passing-joint:
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  15. :gc_rocks::smiley-rolling-joint:Received them in 6 days with the extra service the offer! Would recommend to anyone first timer like myself or considering them! 4 freebies also! They're 1000% legit!
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  16. Told ya! Lol...Did you get them in their original packaging?
  17. You called it! Lol.. Yup, all in OG packaging! Lol.. One the strains I got was W.C.O.G. Lol.
  18. Aww mannn I want to try that one next! Got myself some GSC I'm thinking about running! :vaping:
  19. My west coast is doing awesome! Unfortunately my Girl Scout failed me once, the second time hopefully not.
  20. Sweet! Are you going to do a journal on your babies?

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