My google earth experience WOW (read and try if bayyyyked)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by willymcsilly, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. So I got real baked and decided to play around on google earth, I put on some floyd and took off, I wanted to see the true power of google earth and I put it to the test to see how impressive it really was. I zoomed in to a desolate island next to New Zealand and was not impressed with the results at all, feeling a total letdown for the quality of the Small Island I decided to zoom in to a much more popular destonation, I picked London England. I zoomed to the max and picked a totally random residential area, I placed my cursor over the car infront of one of the houses, It nearly covered the entire car, I then began to zoom out slowly still dissapointed about the quality of the small island I saw earlier, London however was a totally different story by the time I had zoomed out all the way my cursor was covering not all of london but all of Britan Itself.....Any ways the piont of the story is google earth is pretty incredible while high. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. its incredible with its shitty quality?

    Google images has better quality pics of those same places if your interested lol
  3. I listen to jimi when im high.

    I like his song Purple Haze
  4. Yes, london england is incredible :D
  5. google earth rocks on my laptop, but on my house comp its shit
  6. I am not gonna lie, If you look at my house on google earth im out side toking and I can see me and my two buds
  7. Dude for real? whats your adress i gotta see this hahahaha
  8. hell yeah brother
  9. surprise surprise

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