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  1. Ive finally done what ive wanted to do.

    my Goldschalger bong

    Not that hard but took time

    total cost
    $31 Drill (real sweet lifelong drill)
    $ 11.99 Drill bit, 1/2 inch wasnt diamond tipped FYI
    $ 19.99 Stem...ya I know i got jipped but only other place was 1 hr away
    42 cents plastic plug thing, got it at ace

    I dont even consider the cost of drill because now for whenever i need one

    BOom I gots me a drill.
    Took me about 1 hr broken up trips, in the tube just fucking driling away!

    And yes i know it seems that Goldschalger is the most made full glass bongs, but im like the 6th person on the internet that I know of thats done this, I plan to do it on a bunch of glass liquor now Lol.


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  2. well done, my friend had one that he made the bottom seemed wider though
  3. Nice job. When I was 15 I had like 3 Goldschlager bottles in my closet I was planning ot convert to bongs, but I never got around to it. Sucks that that was your only option for a downstem, looks like it should be about 4 inches longer.
  4. ya I know i have to really pump it full of water which kinda sucks, but that was the longest they had, they did have female pieces but they were like 5 feet lol, tooo big

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