My gnarly mushroom

Discussion in 'General' started by DEFSTONES, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Just harvested this and I think this mushroom is hilarious looking. It's so deformed and odd that I thought I'd snap a few pics of it and share with the rest of you. I'll be munching on this later tonight n then going to a party, should be fun:cool: Weight for this one came out to 10.4 grams.



  2. fuck yea nice shrooom :D
  3. GLORIOUS!! You're really munching 10 grams to yourself? You're going to be fucked!! Wish I could be you.
  4. Reality is breaking down just looking at that.
  5. You've never worked with non-dried mushrooms have you? He says it's just harvested... a mushroom loses 90% of it's weight in drying (on average) because it's 90% water... heh... so yeah, it's alot less then you'd think (divide the wet number by 10 or so)... long story short, it's maybe a third of an eighth's worth at most.
  6. Nah, it's just 10.4 grams wet. If it was dried out it would only be around 1 gram. But I'm prolly gonna just eat around a 2 gram (dried) dose which is around 20 grams wet cause I don't wanna trip too hard for tonight. I'm gonna be drinking and mingling with people and I don't want to scare em too much :p
  7. Yeah, you're better off man, so are you doing casings or cakes? (I assume casings from the size)
  8. Nah, just cakes for right now. Gonna be moving up to casings soon though because I wanna see the difference in weight during harvest time first hand. Then I'll have more mushrooms than I know what to do with!:smoking:
  9. Yup, just make sure you don't make the substrate too deep, you can get foot long mushrooms... which sound good... but you don't want to be eating that much stem. Each harvest do a spore print, make a liquid culture, and you're set. I have a real easy way to make liquid cultures (liquid cultures make the initial mycellium growth faster because you inject mycellium into your jars instead of spores) and they're pretty much fool proof and can be sterilized in a microwave, send me a pm if you want instructions... on anything else too. Have fun.

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