My glow in the dark bowl

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  1. Yeah it's hard to see in the pictures but there is a lava lamp sort of liquid inside and it moves around in the bowl and the liquid in the bowl glows in the dark. It's pretty awesome looking and it hits pretty good. The only thing is that it's easier to get caught at night! haha:)

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  2. sick piece man, i used to have a bowl for my bong that had red liquid in it, until it broke, let me tell you it looked like a bloody mess :p
  3. lol wow ur so funny. bro i got the same pipe and its not a glow pipe. its called a chill. u put it in the fridge for 20 then smoke from it. it cools the smoke.
  4. Shouldn't there be a picture of it glowing for us?

    Looks cool man, though it is possibly the least "stealth" piece every though.:D
  5. Well maybe you have a different pipe, because it glows in the dark. Honestly.:)
  6. putting glass pipes in a freezer then smoking out if it is a bad idea, after a while the glass might crack from sudden changes of temperature, and the more you do it the weaker the glass will get
  7. he's right...any imperfection or weak point in the glass will be exposed when the glass is contracted (cold) then expands (heat from smoking)...i would like to see the glow though, hook it up!
  8. dare i say it?

    pics or your lying.

  9. throw is under a blacklight right quick for instant glowy action!! =D
  10. That's tight. :)
  11. ive seen them glow before...
    Thats chill man, but DONT freeze it.
  12. ive seen those before at my local headshop. they had a neon yellow one that i was seriously considering buying. the only thing was i am pretty lazy about cleaning so i accepted the fact it would get all resined up and look nasty after a while.
  13. you are right about the temp change and the pipe cracking. but also i said chill pipe goes in the fridge. not freezer. you really should be placing it in the door of the fridge. it still gets cold enough to cool down the smoke and far away from the ice box it wont hurt the pipe

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