My Glassmansdoll Order.

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  1. [​IMG]

    There great people to order from. let me know what you think of the slide. :]
  2. Man normally I'm not a fan of his work at all but the disk in that slife is perfect. If the horn was a bit cleaner I'd love it but for the price you pay that's a bad man slide.
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    they let me pick whatever handle i wanted this is just the one i chose. i washed it off when i got it thats the only reason it looks like there might be bubbles in it on the last picture. its basically perfect and it looks great.
  4. I like it .
  5. yeah i would have gotten it worked but i didnt want to spend extra money.
  6. psh, its always worth the extra in the end, at least imo. forget where i heard it, but my motto is "Pay for quality and only cry one"
  7. i dont really mind. ive never had a worked slide before. and im all for function. not much for looks.
  8. function and looks is where its at! looks like the function on that is nice too.
  9. havent gotten a chance to test it out yet but i'll def be getting to it.
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    how big are the holes? it looks like stuff would fall through the gaps really easily, especially keif...

    also, I wanted to mention that they're really really patient with taking custom orders and are very good about getting all the details they need to fill an order!
  11. i know this was a custom order. and this is how all disc diffused slides look. i didnt understand how it works so well. i still havent had a chance to try it since ive been experementing with my incredibowl mini (m420)
  12. i think that looks like a good slide, i think the handle looks wierd cause of the camera angle and i dont think those spots are bubbles, they look like water or something. nice purchase
  13. i posted that they werent bubbles. i washed it off right after i received it.
  14. do you think they would make me one with smaller holes if i wanted it?
  15. most likely. but they might charge you more.
  16. if you look through their sales history you will find that they can do double disc diffused bowls, As for making the holes smaller, im sure it starts to get difficult if you try to do more than 8 spokes per disc. Now what they may be able to do is close up the holes to make it gridded.
  17. Just use a screen lol, it has made air flow thats the point. I wouldn't just throw my bud right in there... You could though...
  18. im gonna throw a screen in my downstem so it catches anything that falls through.
  19. ya i have a closed bottom 6 arm a/c and i just pop a screen in the joint opening. Theres a little ridge right after the bottom of the joint and since ive started putting a screen in there, I havent gotten a single piecee of bud stuck in the slits.

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