My Glass Pieces

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  1. My first bong and first pipe after cleaning them properly with iso and salt. FYI i only had 50% alcohol and some fine table salt so i tried if it would actually clean them because people always suggested using rock salt and 90% and up iso. Now i can save the money i was gonna use to buy rock salt and iso for some more buds!  :metal:  :metal:
    20130609_092009.jpg 20130609_092026.jpg
    Well it did the job.  :hello:
    I bought them both brand new from my local headshop. The bong was $60 and the ash catcher i got it for $60 from a smoke shop in Seattle it came with the bowl and a diffuser stem.
    The pipe i got it for $15. Can't complain they get me high as fuck. Also i got an MFLB that i barely use now because the bong rips harder!
    Happy  :bongin:  everyone!

  2. I love the ridges on your pipe man. Nice for $15!

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