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    What's up blades. I figured I'd make a thread on my entire glass family. Ive got mostly dry pieces, one small bubbler and my MGW bubbler.

    Let me know what you guys think of everything. :smoke:

    on pic #18 there's a small crack in the glass on the lower right side of the piece, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? if i used a torch could i refuse the glass or something?

    and sorry on the dirty glass, i've been meaning to clean everything for a while, but i've been lazy

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  2. I like #16 it's sick with the eye and the wings kinda reminds me of something of Zelda.
  3. It does haha. I hadn't seen it that way. Most of the time I hear owl, or eye of Mordor hahaha
  4. bump.

    no love, grasscity?
  5. Love em, but not a lot of blades give love to the dry stuff.. I, however love my dry pieces, but have been lookin for a decent bubbler. Again, nice glass.
  6. Sick MGW bubbler, how much did that run you if you dont mind me asking?
  7. Thanks, dude. It was 280, the store i bought it from has some kinda high prices though.
  8. Thanks a lot dude. :smoke:

    Yeah it definitely does seem like no one cares about dry pieces. Ah well, more of them for me!! XD
  9. That's one nice collection. :smoke:
  10. Thanks, man :smoking:

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